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Agile working is smarter working

Agile working is about making smart choices about how and where to work. For some this could be working from home, or working from a supplier's office and for others it could be as simple as joining a video call on the move rather than travelling into the airport for a face-to-face meeting.

Agile working is being adopted by most large businesses today and for Heathrow it is important that we adopt this way of working where possible as we look to reduce unecessary car trips, use our office space more efficiently as we grow as well as harness the tools and technology to enable us to work more collaboratively.

Across Heathrow, about 15% of job roles are suitable for agile working, if you’re unsure, ask your line manager for guidance and support.

What's in it for you?

  • Efficiency

    By making a small change, even one day a week, you can make a big difference. If possible with your job, we are encouraging remote working so you can save commuting time and money and reduce unnecessary car journeys.

  • Wellbeing

    Wellness at work is more important than ever, and agile working allows you to benefit from a more varied lifestyle, one which is more easily accommodating of priorities and interests outside of work.

  • Collaboration

    We all experience great collaboration when face-to-face which we certainly don't want to lose. Technology improvements such as the experience to make video calls to keep our collaborations high quality make this so much easier to embrace and use on a day to day basis.

Komal Tekchandani
"Thanks to the great support from Heathrow I work from home two days a week, which means I can pick up my son from nursery. Less commuting means increased productivity and more quality family time. I’m loving agile working!”

Komal Tekchandani , Head of IT Business Change

How you can get involved

Working remotely can allow you to put the time saved by not travelling to good use. By planning in advance to make sure you can join meetings by video conference or phone, remote working can be highly productive. You may find working elsewhere inspiring and refreshing - a new environment can help you think differently about the issues you deal with every day.

Working remotely may even help you enhance relationships with those you work with outside of Heathrow. Do you have a supplier you speak to regularly on the phone or via email? If it is an option, you could consider working from their offices occasionally. This face-to-face time can strengthen working relationships with partners just as it does with colleagues.

HAL colleagues can connect to the Heathrow digital workspace from wherever you are and plan your day to ensure everything runs smoothly. Would this work for you in your business?

Click here to view our agile working principles (HAL-only).

A guide to agile working (HAL-only)

As our colleague numbers grow and demand for workspace increases, it's important that we evolve the way we work and use our desks efficiently. Hot-desking means that you don't stay at the same desk all day at work - instead, you can plug in and work from anywhere which frees up desk space for others.

Hot-desking is a vital part of agile working, and one which will make us more flexible as a team. At HAL, we are committed to making our working environments more tailored to agile working; introducing more collaborative spaces and creating open office spaces are part of the Work Smart programme.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to take advantage of this new way of working around the Heathrow Campus.

Work Smart wants to ensure that Heathrow workspaces have the collaboration tools and technologies they need to enhance our ability to work seamlessly from any location. Whether you're in the office or not, the right technology can ensure you are fully connected.

Our digital workplace is wide-ranging and colleague-focused. A number of applications and tools are already in place, and are successfully shaping our online collaboration.

We are committed to improving and developing our digital teamwork by integrating new and emerging technologies into our digital workplace. By focusing on collaborative and seamless online communication and sharing, we're striving to make your office anywhere you want it to be. Want to see what we are doing? Please get in touch.

Link to our digital working page (HAL-only)

Did you know?

Around 15% of our Heathrow employees who drive to work are employed in jobs that could be suited to agile working, and 15% of our managerial and technology roles could potentially be agile workers!

Other ways to get involved


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