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Funding and community partnerships

For Heathrow, being a responsible neighbour is a priority. It is important that we share the benefits of the airport with the communities, families, and organisations that live or operate locally. By investing in our local community we can help to make sure the area around Heathrow is a great place to live. This includes funding local projects and supporting causes that have a social impact. 

Heathrow Community Trust

Heathrow Community Trust (HCT) is the airport’s independent, primary charity partner. HCT has been an integral part of the local community for over 25 years, supporting a range of projects and organisations across nine local boroughs surrounding the airport.

Logo Heathrow Community Trust

Heathrow Community Take Off Fund

The Heathrow Community Take Off Fund (HCTOF) supports part of our ‘Giving Back Programme’ which sets out our goal to make the areas around Heathrow better places to live.​

HCTOF funding will be allocated to support projects delivering:​

  • ​Health & Wellbeing​
  • Community Collaboration & Inclusivity​
  • Environmental Improvement​
  • Children/ youth, learning & development​
  • Legacy projects that support communities for years to come​

If you have a community project that would benefit from Heathrow funding, based on the above criteria, please contact


Here are a few of the projects we have already helped:

Organisation Project description
Richings Park Residents Association Donation for Community Exhibition
Hillingdon Abbots RFC Hosting of school rugby tournaments
Stanwell Events Donation to Easter fair


Team Heathrow Community Partnerships

More than 66,000 people work at Heathrow across 400 companies. Together we are Team Heathrow. Our Team Heathrow partners also support our local communities with initiatives like skills and training opportunities, environmental projects and colleague volunteering. 

British Airways – Better World Community Fund

For more than 30 years British Airways has supported colleagues and customers in charitable giving in the communities they serve. In March 2022 they launched their new BA Better World Community Fund, to further the positive work they do in communities across the UK. Through this fund they hope to create more life-changing opportunities and support organisations and projects that have a positive impact in communities within the UK and deliver benefits for climate, communities, colleagues and nature. For more information visit the British Airways Better World Community Fund website.


SEGRO – Community investment plans

A key focus of SEGRO’s community investment plans is geared towards helping disadvantaged, unemployed and vulnerable members of the community to change their lives through access to training, skills development and employment support. Working with its suppliers and customers, SEGRO is working with schools in UK and Europe, including Slough and Greater London, to inspire careers by bringing the world of work to life. The company has set a target of engaging 50,000 students in their Work and STEM Schools Programme, while reaching an additional 15,000 people with skills, training and job brokerage initiatives over the next ten years.