Changes to entering the UK using EU ID cards

From 1 October 2021, most EU, EEA and Swiss nationals will need to use a valid passport to travel to the UK. ID cards will no longer be accepted as a valid travel document to enter the UK, though some exemptions will apply. 

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  • Frequently asked questions

    The Airside pass must:

    • Only be used in connection with their employment and not for personal reasons
    • be visible at all times
    • be presented to Heathrow security personnel upon entering the security restricted area or when requested to be shown to any compliance authority personnel.

    Airside pass holders should:

    • safeguard their airside pass and account for its use at all times
    • ensure the photograph on the airside pass reflects their current appearance
    • familiarise themselves with the access levels they have been granted - rights can be established by looking at the colour and numbering on the airside pass
    • notify the airport operator if there are any changes to their personal details including (but not limited to) changes to job title, name and address
    • notify their employer within 14 days if charged with, or convicted of, a criminal offence
    • report any lost or stolen airside passes immediately upon discovery to the local police and to airport security
    • where appropriate, challenge or report anyone who is not displaying an airside pass in a non-public area
    • not allow other people to 'tailgate' them
    • not prop doors or gates open at any time
    • report any defective doors, gates or locks immediately to airport security
    • look out for and report any signs of suspicious behaviour to their employer or to airport security

    If you receive an advisory notice for a parked ID, you must inform your authorised signatory and they must apply for your card to be ‘Unparked,’ within the on-line portal (ID Gateway).

    If you receive an advisory notice for change in appearance/damaged pass/ID defects, you must bring your advisory notice along with your ID, to the ID Centre reception and they will support with a replacement/advice on next steps.

    You must inform your authorised signatory and they will submit an application within the on-line portal ID Gateway, to have this unparked/unbarked.

    When making a request to unbark a pass that has been barked for over 6 months, a new BSAT will need to be completed and uploaded as part of the application. This mirrors the current requirement to complete a new GSAT, when requesting to unpark a pass, that has been parked for over 6 months.

    You must inform your authorised signatory and they will support by submitting an application within the on-line portal, ID Gateway.

    All IDs must be returned to the Heathrow ID Centre and your authorised signatory must be informed. The address for the ID Centre is: -

    Heathrow ID Centre,
    D’Albiac House
    Courtney Way,
    Heathrow Airport,
    TW6 1SD

    • Temporary pass holders
    • Clips
    • Lanyards
    • ID Holders

    For all the above, please make your requests to the ID Centre surgery. Please be advised, discretion will be used for any replacements on a 1:1 basis, however, we do not provide mass stock for any of the above.

    Please contact your employer who will liaise with the ID Centre on your behalf.

    Please report it immediately upon discovery to the local police and to your employer/authorised signatory. Please ensure you take note of your crime reference number.

    Please report it immediately upon discovery to your employer or authorised signatory.

    You must notify your authorised signatory and the ID Centre, within 14 days, if charged with or convicted of a criminal offence.

    Please contact APOC at 0208 759 1212 or the Police.

    You must ensure you bring the original ID document used throughout your ID pass application.

    • For British nationals: A valid full passport or British Photo-card driving licence.
    • For EU/EEA and Swiss nationals: A valid full passport or National Identity Card.
    • For all other nationalities: A full passport PLUS original Home Office document confirming right to work in the United Kingdom (such as visa / entry clearance) or a Biometric Residence Permit for Foreign Nationals issues by the Home Office that holds biographic data and biometric information and shows their immigration status and entitlements while resident in the UK.

    No, you must have a valid form of ID, in order to be issued your pass.

    Please be advised, we do not grant filming permits at the ID centre, all requests will need to be submitted to our media team. Contact information is listed as follows: -

    • Breaking News - accredited members of the media looking to film at the airport for a relevant, current news story should complete our breaking news permit (if out of hours, please also call the Duty Press Officer on +44 (0)20 8745 7224).
    • For all non-news or commercial filming, please contact Please allow at least five working days for all non-news and commercial requests
    • An applicable fee will be charged for all commercial filming and photography - excluding accredited news media and any filming or photography being done on behalf of Heathrow's business partners. Public liability insurance is required for any filming or photography at Heathrow.
    • Whilst we consider each request received, there will be times when we will be unable to accommodate your request due to security or operational considerations.
    • If your request is authorized, you will receive a permit via email which must be shown to any member of Heathrow staff or the Police, who request to see it while you are at the airport. If you fail to present the relevant permit, you will be asked to leave the airport

    All ID Centre templates, including the security interview, can be found in the templates section on the ID centre website, alternatively in the help section on the ID Gateway portal.

    The ID Centre does not process applications for staff car parking. For any queries relating to staff car parking please contact your authorised signatory, who will submit an on-line application.

    All applications for Vehicle passes are now processed by the Airside assurance team. The pass applications will be processed by the Ground operations manager for your prefix: -

    All temporary passes can be cancelled by the authorised signatory UNLESS the pass is for the same day, when you will need to contact the ID Centre to cancel the pass to allow you to reapply for the same day.

    Please note, under Data Protection guidelines the ID Centre cannot discuss the applications with the applicants themselves, we can only discuss the applications with Authorised Signatories. Please do not refer the applicants to contact the ID Centre themselves to query their application.

    • Heathrow Baggage have updated the current Baggage Hall Induction classroom training, to a Baggage Safety Awareness Training (BSAT) e-learning programme. To ensure that everybody stays safe within baggage areas this training will need to be completed when applying for access to Zone 3 & B.
    • You will be able to request an e-learning link for the BSAT by emailing: You will need to provide your applicants details which will generate a link to the training that can then be sent to your applicant. Once the training is completed, a certificate will be generated, this will need to be uploaded to the application and submitted through IDGateway. The certificate will be valid for 5 years.

    Please be advised if your ID will allow you access through Security, but not through a maid reader door, this may be due to a fault with the maid reader itself, please fault the maid reader using the internal faults number 666555 or ext 0208 976 6555

    If the problem persists or you cannot gain access through security, please visit the ID centre and upon arrival please inform reception of the problem and we can look into this further

    For all Salto access requirements, please contact your relevant business units, who will be support with adding the required access.

    We currently reinstate all existing Salto access to your ID, however, any new Salto access requirement will need to be added by your relevant business unit, or compass centre security .

    The Heathrow ID Centre operating and appointment hours are:

    Monday – Friday       06:00 – 18:00

    Saturday                    06:00 – 14:00

    Sundays                    Closed

    Bank Holidays           06:00 – 14:00

    The Customer Care Service team is available from 08:00 – 16:00 Mon - Fri and can be contacted via email

    Or you can reach the ID Centre by telephone at 020 8757 099.

    All changes have been communicated out to all authorised signatories on the ID pass scheme. Your organisation will be contacted directly with the date for your live switch over, from the old-style pass to the new. For further guidance and changes please refer to section 8 page 18 of the ID pass standard.

    Please note, under Data Protection guidelines the ID Centre cannot discuss the applications with the applicants themselves, we can only discuss the applications with Authorised Signatories or the Company’s Nominated Officer.

    You can find a list of the most common disqualify offences on the CAA website: Regulation/Disqualifying-convictions/

    Change of name:

    • For married people, we will need to see a marriage certificate, or a valid Passport issued under the married name.
    • For civil partners, we will need to see a civil partnership certificate, or a valid Passport issued under the married name.
    • If the person has gone back to their maiden or unmarried name, we will need to see a Deed poll certificate; or a Valid Passport issued under their maiden name.

    Change of gender:

    • A letter from a doctor or chartered psychologist who practises in gender dysphoria stating that the person has a need to live in a different gender, and evidence of the person’s change of name (e.g. deed poll); or
    • A gender recognition certificate; or
    • A new birth certificate; or
    • A Valid Passport issued under the new name.
    • In all other cases, we need to see a change of name deed.

    Please return temporary passes that are no longer required to your authorised signatory, who will be able to destroy them securely for you.

    Companies wishing to utilise vehicles and equipment, including Ground Support Equipment Airside will require Heathrow Ground Operations Licence. Further information on who needs to be licenced and how to apply for a licence can be obtained from the Heathrow Licence Managers: please refer to section 18 page 51 of the ID pass standard for contact information.

    Please report the lost temporary pass to your Authorised Signatory, the person Escorting you through security upon discovery.

    This may refer to the contract your company holds at Heathrow, please contact the, who will be able to advise of the next steps.