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We have been working hard to develop, test and finalise a new package of noise insulation, vortex protection and home relocation support which we plan to roll out later this year.  

This improved and simplified scheme will replace Heathrow’s Noise Insulation, Vortex and Relocation Schemes. It will deliver on the commitment we made as a business to improve and enhance these schemes in our Noise Action Plan (2019-2023).  

The new scheme will include: 

  • The Residential Insulation Scheme (RIS) – simplified for homeowners and funding 100% of eligible insulation costs up to an inflation-linked maximum of £30,000, where they are recommended by a free independent survey, including homes that may have had measures provided by us through previous schemes 

  • The Home Relocation Assistance Scheme (HRAS) – increasing the maximum payments by 60%

  • The Quieter Schools Programme (QSP) – an improved offer for noise insulation and ventilation support, including to schools who have benefited from previous initiatives

  • Vortex Impact and Prevention Scheme (VIPS) – including repairs for vortex strikes and the provision of pro-active protection for homes in high impact areas

Phased roll-out of the new scheme

  • The delivery programme will be carefully phased to ensure we deliver the quality experience residents and the local community expect.

  • We will prioritise those in the highest noise areas and roll out the delivery for dwellings and community buildings within eligibility footprints (noise contours) based on UK noise policy on an area-by-area basis.

  • Prioritisation of the roll-out will be decided by an independent Prioritisation Panel, comprising representatives from stakeholder organisations. These include The Council for the Independent Scrutiny of Heathrow Airport (CISHA), HACAN – the Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise, Heathrow Strategic Planning Group (HSPG) and Heathrow AOC (Airline Operators Committee). 

Who will qualify for the scheme?

  • Properties will be eligible if they are located within a single composite boundary based on current UK noise policy. This will be compliant with existing policy and reflective of the Significant Observed Adverse Effect Level (SOAEL) for day and night and based on scheduled operations before 06:00, the Sound Exposure Level (SEL) footprint of the noisiest aircraft and the calculated probability of >1 additional awakening. 

What happens next?

  • As a key part of our development work ahead of launch, we will be working closely with a pilot cluster of residents within Longford as a neighbouring local community, presenting the new residential offer to a small number of homes. 
  • Our pilot zone will help us understand how we can better improve the experience, ahead of a wider launch and roll-out.

  • We’ll be launching the Quieter Neighbourhood Support Scheme to other neighbouring communities later this year. As part of this process, we’ll be updating this website and getting in touch with eligible residents when they become eligible to apply. 

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