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Heathrow 2.0

Heathrow 2.0 is our strategy for sustainability leadership that takes us beyond simply reducing negative impacts to delivering positive impact in a way that enables others to thrive as we grow.


It sets out a series of goals that will guide the future of our business as an expanded Heathrow, and will also guide us in the eight years before we plan to open a new northwest runway.




Flight brings so much to our world. The aviation industry adds trillions to the global economy , and employs millions of people. Beyond this, the advantages that flying creates through adventure, connection and progress are priceless.


However, we know the impacts of aviation is not all positive. We know airports can affect local quality of life and we have a responsibility to those around us to reduce the negative impacts we create. And anyone who cares about leaving a better planet for the next generation recognises we must take bold action on climate change.


Heathrow’s expansion, and the extra capacity it will provide, will help our country and our world experience even more of the benefits of flight. Some of our ambitions for the future are only possible because of the extra revenue and opportunity that expansion would create.

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