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Community Investment

Heathrow's community investment programme aims to support the economic prosperity of the communities surrounding the airport: Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Slough and Spelthorne.

The key objectives are to:

  • Support skills development to reduce local unemployment.
  • Raise awareness of high quality careers at Heathrow to young people, their parents and wider job seekers.
  • Positively engage with local schools, colleges and universities.
  • Help business grow.

Community Investment Programme 2016

Community investment at a glance - 2016 (1.7MB PDF)

Community investment 2016 - Ealing (1.8MB PDF)

Community investment 2016 - Hillingdon (1.8MB PDF)

Community investment 2016 - Hounslow (1.8MB PDF)

Community investment 2016 - Slough (1.7MB PDF)

Community investment 2016 - Spelthorne (1.7MB PDF)

Community Investment Programme 2015

Community investment at a glance - 2015 (1.5MB PDF)

Community investment 2015 - Ealing (1.4MB PDF)

Community investment 2015 - Hillingdon (1.5MB PDF)

Community investment 2015 - Hounslow (1.3MB PDF)

Community investment 2015 - Slough (1.3MB PDF)

Community investment 2015 - Spelthorne (1.3MB PDF)

Community Investment Programme 2014

Community investment at a glance - 2014 (1.3MB PDF)

Community investment 2014 - Ealing (1.2MB PDF)

Community investment 2014 - Hillingdon (1.2MB PDF)

Community investment 2014 - Hounslow (1.2MB PDF)

Community investment 2014 - Slough (1.2MB PDF)

Community investment 2014 - Spelthorne (1.2MB PDF)

Scouts Partnership

Heathrow is proud to sponsor the Aviation Skills Activity Badges for Scouts and Explorers.

This new partnership with The Scouts Association gives Heathrow the opportunity to engage with young people about the importance and responsibilities of aviation, as well as to showcase the broad range of skills that our industry relies on.

As part of their Duke of Edinburgh Award, the Heathrow Graduates created educational and engaging activity packs to help Scouts and Explorers across the country achieve their Aviation Skills Activity Badge, while at the same time learning more about Heathrow and the range of skills and roles required to keep our airport running. Through our packs, young people can learn how to marshall a plane, identify different types of aircraft, and gain a clear and basic understanding to the principles of flight.

You can find all our resource packs on the Scouts website, and all are free to download.

We hope our new activity packs will inspire the next generation's curiosity and enthusiasm; we look forward to seeing new ideas take flight!

Download our free resource packs for schools

Sustainability performance

CR index 2015 and 2014, business in the community awards and 2013 Big Tick award

Here's how Business In The Community rated our performance in its annual CR Index.

  • 4 stars 2015
  • 4 stars 2014
  • Platinum Big Tick 2013
BiTC CR Index