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Community Forums Review

2020 was an unprecedented year and our business has changed more than we could ever have imagined. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has, and continues to have, a devastating impact on our operations. This has led to the business making difficult decisions to safeguard Heathrow’s future. Inevitably the resources we now have available to us are more limited, which consequently means we need to prioritise our areas of focus going forward in the Communities team. 

To do so, we have been reviewing our community forums and meetings with the aim of simplifying and streamlining our engagement through these channels. This is to ensure our resources can have the most impact and deliver the most value. 

Despite these challenges, we are clear that we need to build on, and maintain, all of the good work that has been undertaken in recent years. This is why we want to hear from you. We recognise the value of the input that many of our communities and local stakeholders have provided over the years, and so we are keen to know more about how and why you engage with Heathrow to help shape our community forums in the future.

There is likely to be changes to the number and structure of our community forums and meetings going forward, but we want to use this period of change as an opportunity to improve how we engage across all of our local communities. It is important to us that we listen to a broad and balanced range of voices from different stakeholders across our local areas. It is also key for us to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to put forward their views. 

Heathrow remains fully committed to engaging with our local communities and ultimately, we want to work collaboratively with you and other local stakeholders on the issues that matter the most. 

Further information can be found here.  

We welcome your feedback through the questionnaire available below.

Please see our Community Forums Review Summary document from our recent consultation.


Frequently asked questions

A forum is a meeting held by Heathrow where we share ideas and discuss views on particular topics.

We currently hold a number of forums (such as the HCNF, LFF, Better Neighbour Working groups etc). These sit alongside a number of other forums that are run and managed by our partners or stakeholders (eg. HCEB Independent Forum or the HSPG). Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on Heathrow and we have reduced our resources accordingly. This means we need to review which forums we run and attend to ensure that we are efficient and productive in the work we do with you.

Our forums review does not mean that we will be doing less engagement – we are clear that we need to build on and maintain all of the good work that was undertaken in recent years. But we do need simplify and streamline our engagement. We want to eliminate duplication and ensure that we are hearing from a wider range of views, however we remain fully committed to engaging with our local stakeholders on issues we know are important.

We appreciate that a number of our stakeholders have been engaging with Heathrow for years and have a good understanding of the impacts, mitigation and benefits that major infrastructure such as an airport can bring, and so we welcome your views on how we continue engagement activities going forward. These views and long-established relationships are important to maintain. We want to ensure that you understand why we are changing our forums and feel part of the future plans, knowing how and when you can engage and discuss your views with us.

We appreciate views from anyone who has been part of or wishes to be part of engagement with the Heathrow Communities team.

There is a lot of information that we need to work through, and we need to ensure that we find the right solution for engagement in the future. Therefore, we anticipate our new forums being effective in spring 2021.

At the moment, we are still in the process of reviewing all of our forums and meetings and so what these meetings look like in the future is still to be decided, and your feedback will also help shape our thinking. Although the structure of our engagement channels is likely to change going forward, we can be clear that the issues currently covered at the LFF and HCNF will remain key topics we will continue to engage on in our future meetings.

We will keep all relevant stakeholders updated as we work through this process. If you have any specific questions please email: