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Application process

Application process

Jobs at Heathrow

All of our applications start through our online careers website. To search for jobs, click on the link below.

We’ll let you know by email if you’ve not been selected for the first stage. Unfortunately, we’re unable to give detailed feedback on every application.

Next step is we’ll invite you to complete some assessments. These will vary, depending on which role you’ve applied for.

Example assessments include: 

  • Tests: Situational judgement, ability tests, working styles or in-tray exercises. Sometimes these may be done online, or when you come and meet us.
  • Interviews: We’ll find out about your previous experience and may ask some competency questions. We may do this face to face, over the phone or by video.
  • Presentations: Sometimes we may ask you to come and present to us. We may need you to prepare in advance, or give you time to create your presentation when you come and meet with us.
  • Assessment Centres: These are usually carried out over one day and allow you to demonstrate your skills and behaviours in a range of exercises. These may include interviews, role plays, group exercises and presentations.


Referencing and clearance

All new colleagues will be asked to submit details of the last 5 years employment, including any gaps. In addition, all new colleagues will need to provide evidence of their right to work in the UK and pass a criminal record check. 

If your role requires it due to regulations, we may need to carry out further checks, which may include counter-terrorism checks, drugs & alcohol tests and occupational health medicals.  Some roles require you to have been resident in the UK for the last 3 years continuously.

Because Heathrow is committed to the safety of our colleagues and passengers, these checks need to be completed before you join us and may result in a start date after offer taking 4 to 14 weeks.


After the closing date, your application will be assessed to see how your skills, qualifications and experience might relate to the vacancy.

Candidates who are best matched to the job criteria will be invited to progress to the next stage of the selection process.

You will be contacted by telephone or email to inform you of your application status.

Non-security selection events

You will be asked to bring proof of your right to work along with you. A document containing forms and guidelines on all documentation required in order to prove your right to work in the UK will be shared with you prior to this event.

Security selection event

If you are attending a security selection event, an assessment pack will also be sent to you.

This will contain information on what you should expect to happen at your selection event, what documentation you should bring with you and the security questionnaires and guidelines which should be completed prior to attending.

If you do not receive your pack you should still attend your selection event, but should arrive 15 minutes early to allow enough time to complete the questionnaires.

You should also bring your current passport, proof of your national insurance number and a utility bill showing your current address.

Yes, but you must be in possession of a valid work permit or Right to Work documentation. It is your responsibility to provide evidence of the work permit in line with current Home Office guidelines.

All successful applicants are required to provide a five-year reference history including a reference from their current employer.

To comply with Department for Transport regulations, some positions will also require you to complete a Criminal Record and Counter Terrorism check. The resourcing team will advise you if this is required.

Pre-employment alcohol and drug screening may be carried out for those applying for safety critical roles, for example roles within Engineering and Baggage.

Heathrow is regulated by the Department for Transport and assuring the safety of the 75 million passengers who travel through the airport every year is our primary concern. The purpose of a Criminal Record Check is to enhance public safety by providing Heathrow with any criminal history information on individuals applying for posts.

Disclosure Scotland issues a Disclosure Certificate, which provides details of an individual’s criminal convictions. There is no charge for this service.

Yes, you can still apply if you have a criminal record, but any offer of employment will depend upon a list of qualifying criteria.

We will still require you to complete a CRC Form (this covers the last five years) and this will be processed as normal.

If this does not identify any disqualifying records your application will continue through the process as normal.

For Heathrow Security positions and those positions that have access to restricted zones or restricted files, a Counter Terrorism Check is required.

This check is to prevent people who may have connections with terrorist organisations, or who may be vulnerable to pressure from such organisations, from undertaking certain security duties where there is a risk that they could exploit their position to further the aims of terrorist organisations.

The referencing process will typically take between six and eight weeks to complete. The process may take up to 14 weeks depending on the complexity of the process.

If your application is unsuccessful, you are welcome to apply for other roles at Heathrow.

If you would like to re-apply for the same role this is only possible once a 6-month window has elapsed.

Any candidate with a disability will not be excluded from a role unless it is clear that the candidate is unable to perform a duty which is intrinsic to the role, having taken into account any reasonable adjustments. Reasonable adjustments to the recruitment process will be made to ensure that an applicant is not disadvantaged due to their disability.

You are invited to record a reasonable adjustment request through the application process. To log detail of the nature of the adjustment requested, please contact the OneHR team via or by phone through 0800 561 6060.