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I started in Engineering Operations and spent several months shadowing the Airport Control Engineers (ACE). This helped me understand Engineering at Heathrow on a broader scale and how everything works and links with one another. I then moved onto Asset Performance, and during my time there, I did projects looking at Pre-Condition Air (PCA) units and Airbridges. 

I moved to the Electronics, Instrumentation, Control and Automation (E&ICA) team as part of Civil & Operational Engineering. Here I looked at Maximo Compliance Issues, Supplier Relations & Contract Management etc. Then it was onto Rail Engineering to look at HVAC systems, Rail Alignment Vehicles, New Lifting Procedures and more. This led me to Airside Engineering, where I looked at Stillages, Mass Damping and Chilled Water in the Control Tower, Tunnels, and lots more! It’s been great, and I’ve learnt so much it’s unbelievable. 

I’ve developed, improved, and honed so many skills and behaviours in my time here. These include (but are not limited to) teamwork, collaboration, organisation, time management, communication, project management, leadership, inclusion, resilience, tenacity, persuasion, engagement etc.

I chose Heathrow because it’s a name that is recognised around the world. It’s such a unique place to work, and I’ve always loved planes, travelling, and aviation. So, to get to work at an airport was like a dream come true. The people at Heathrow are one of the main reasons it’s a great place to work. Not to mention the airport environment, variety of projects to get involved in, multi-disciplinary engineering, and a massive asset base! It’s an engineer’s playground if you want to learn about various systems.

The programme has helped me gain invaluable experience in engineering and asset management. It has greatly benefitted my personal and professional development and has enabled me to progress towards becoming a Chartered Engineer. I know that with everything that I’ve learnt at Heathrow, I will apply in all my future jobs both inside and outside of the airport. The fact that I’ve worked at Britain’s Busiest Airport will surely be a feather in my cap for years to come.

I’ve learnt so much and worked so hard throughout the pandemic, despite finding working from home much more difficult than I thought I would. I’ve kept being optimistic about the future, and this positivity has carried me along. I’ve been able to fit in so much in terms of projects, experience and training that it’s built up my skills to another level and given me a level of personal resilience like never before.

Mohammad Taher - Engineering graduate

Engineering Future Leader

Mohammed Taher


Engineering Future Leader

Jack Harris