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Heathrow is a place where you never stop learning, and the opportunities to grow are endless. I’ve learnt so much during the time I’ve been at the company, and I love how varied my work has been. The graduate program has allowed me to build on the skills I developed during my degree in a friendly and supportive environment where you can learn so much from so many people. Whilst being in the graduate program, I have been supported through my engineering development towards becoming a chartered engineer. I’ve been able to tailor my placements to make the most of every opportunity. From the industry accredited training to the hands-on experiences I have received, the beauty of Heathrow Engineering is that the scale of the operation opens so many doors for your career.

Since being at Heathrow, I have not only been able to work on technical projects such as improving the operation of our Renewable Biomass Powered Generator that provides electricity and heat for Terminal 2 or overhauling our maintenance programs for Stand & Airbridge equipment but have also grown skills in project management and strategic analysis whilst looking at our plan for the future and how we achieve Net Zero Carbon by 2050. Experiencing night shifts, exploring underground tunnels, reacting to emergencies, and testing state of the art equipment are just some of the amazing opportunities I’ve had.

Working at Heathrow during the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a few challenges, but actually, it only made me a more adaptable person. It’s taught me a lot about resilience, understanding the challenges that exist and working out ways to cope with them using the tools you have available. When the pandemic struck, I co-led on consolidating Terminals 3 & 4 to save costs and energy whilst passenger numbers were low. Even as a graduate, you can considerably impact the business and make a real difference.

I applied to the graduate program to broaden my engineering skills and gain some real experience that could make me a valuable employee to anyone. I was intrigued by the sheer scale of Heathrow and wanted a role that would allow me to get out and about and collaborate with industry experts. And that’s exactly what I’ve had. After only two years of working in the industry, I’m already well on the way to becoming a Chartered Engineer, and I can feel myself becoming a well-rounded professional. I’ve had the best stepping stone I could for my career, and I have so many paths I could follow (and that’s just at Heathrow.)

I’d highly recommend the graduate program to anyone looking for a job that gives them a wide variety of experiences. You will be well supported in a company that champions collaboration, colleague welfare and career development. You’ll get opportunities to lead projects, solve complex problems and work with so many talented and engaging people.

Mohammad Taher - Engineering graduate

Engineering Future Leader

Mohammed Taher


Engineering Future Leader

Asad Parkar