Changes to entering the UK using EU ID cards

From 1 October 2021, most EU, EEA and Swiss nationals will need to use a valid passport to travel to the UK. ID cards will no longer be accepted as a valid travel document to enter the UK, though some exemptions will apply. 

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    At the first stage of an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP), an airport needs to set some Design Principles. Design Principles encompass the objectives that the airport seeks to achieve through the airspace change, and they help the airspace designers to create and compare different flight path design options.

    Design Principles include policy, safety, environmental and operational factors.  Some are core requirements that we need to include, such as Government policy, but there are other options and trade-offs to choose between when designing future flight paths. The Design Principles must also consider the local context for the airspace change to take account of priorities within the area affected, so a new set of Design Principles is developed for each ACP.

    The CAA’s airspace change process requires Heathrow to engage with representatives from local communities and other aviation stakeholders when developing our Design Principles. The selected Design Principles will then be used to compare different flight path design options.

    We are engaging with stakeholders from September to November 2021.


    CAA Airspace Change Portal

    See Heathrow's public submission on the CAA'sairspace change portal


    Airspace change process

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