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There are numerous supporting business services to assist you as an airport occupier, whether you are setting up your operation or are an existing customer the following links can provide information with a broad number of questions you may have.

Support services

If you would like to rent space at one of our airports, you will need to sign a tenancy agreement.

Questions and answers

What kind of agreement will I have to sign?

We have a standard agreement for customers who would like to take ramp and office accommodation at our airports. Heathrow Airport Limited will be introducing a new tenancy agreement. This new agreement has been approved by the Heathrow AOC Rents Group. It is prepared using everyday English (which has been approved by the Plain English Campaign) to make it clear and easy to understand.

What information will be on the agreement?

You will receive a short 3/4 page agreement which will set out the terms that are specific to your accommodation such as rent and service charge costs. The rest of the agreement is contained in the standard terms and conditions referred to below.

How will I know what I am responsible for and what the landlord is responsible for?

These responsibilities will be set out in the standard terms and conditions. View a sample agreement terms and conditions here. These will form part of the agreement you sign and have been agreed with the Airline Operators Committee. These terms and conditions are standard for ramp and office lettings at the airport, although we may need to amend them on a case by case basis.

What does this mean for me if I am an existing customer?

The new form of agreement, which has been agreed with the Airline Operators Committee, will be a much shorter document than your current agreement. It will set out only the terms specific to your accommodation.

What does this mean if I want to renew my existing agreement?

If your agreement is protected by the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954, you will be entitled to renew your agreement on the same format as your existing document. However you will have the chance to renew your agreement using the new type of standard agreement if you want to. If your existing document does not provide security of tenure under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 you may still have the opportunity to renew on the same terms as your existing agreement or be placed on the new plain English version. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis. For more information you will need to speak to your Property Management contact to discuss this further.

Heathrow can provide a secure, easy to use e-billing service to provide electronic invoices to customers.

If you would like to receive your Heathrow invoices electronically please contact, or call 0141 584 6012, or  0141 585 6058.

With over 42 years combined experience, Heathrow Signs can provide specific signage requirements using the most up to date technology, delivering a high level of customer service and competitive prices.

For further information please contact (DD - Heathrow Signs). 

For security reasons, please ensure that airport ID passes are worn at all times. ID passes are issued by Heathrow’s ID Centre located at D’Albiac House, Courtney Way, Heathrow, TW6 1SD.


Staff Car Parking passes are available for an annual fee and must be accompanied by a valid airport ID pass. 

Waste Management is an area where both Heathrow and its customers can make a significant contribution to improved environmental performance through waste minimisation initiatives and recycling. For more information on waste management at Heathrow airport visit

Your company is responsible for cleaning all internal areas of your accommodation including windows. Where you lease a building for your own use you may also be responsible for external cleaning. Your lease agreement will clarify this but if you do have any contractual issues please contact your Property Portfolio Manager. Property Management have an extensive list of approved cleaning companies on airport. If you require any further information then please contact your Property Portfolio Manager.

If you are installing a TV in your premises and you are not using a set top aerial then you must apply for approval from Heathrow for installation of an external aerial. You are not permitted to use the Heathrow Airport Limited aerial system. This is also the case if you want to install satellite or radio communications. If you require further information, please contact the Property Project Team on +44 (0)20 8745 0666.

Delivery of goods by vehicles to either office or terminal areas has to be carefully controlled at the airport due to security and logistical requirements. Police and traffic wardens are in attendance 24 hours a day to enforce the law. For further information regarding handling deliveries in your area please contact your portfolio manager who will be able to offer advice.

Car sharing brings so many benefits both financial and environmental. including cost saving in terms of petrol and vehicle running costs. There are also a number of discounts on car products for members. For details of how to obtain these offers visit

Each location has a different number. Please see below for your location number: