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Cargo aircraft at Heathrow

The Heathrow CargoCloud is a load consolidation tool that will allow shippers, trucking companies and freight forwarders to match loads to spare capacity by providing transport data on loads travelling to and from Heathrow Airport, helping to:

  • Decrease the amount of cargo-related vehicles on the roads around Heathrow
  • Make cargo throughput times predictable to reduce costs
  • Reduce transportation costs for forwarders
  • Improve load factor.

CargoCloud explained

The CargoCloudBased on the Nallian data sharing platform, the application will use the following data to make its recommendations:

  • Direction of travel (from/to Heathrow)
  • Origin or destination location
  • Time and date of delivery/collection
  • Load product information (to assess compatibility)
  • Details of load restrictions/equipment required
  • Available capacity on the vehicle.

Download the CargoCloud PDF (772KB)

Help us with the pilot

We’re looking for early adopters to take the lead by piloting the tool and begin to realise the benefits.

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