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  • Graduate

    Working at Heathrow means living my dream, every single day. I have always wanted to work at a large hub airport, and the opportunity to kick start my career at Heathrow was impossible to resist. The sheer scale of the organisation means there is something for everyone, regardless of your field of study or area of interest, and the graduate scheme gives you the opportunity to work on significant projects while learning about the airport and exploring your options. Heathrow is also committed to developing colleagues, and you will have opportunities for formal and informal training in addition to the learning that comes from your placements.

    I am able to deliver projects that make valuable contributions and have a tangible impact to the business. My first placement with our Business Resilience team allowed me to work on our incident response processes and develop positive relationships with operational colleagues. I was then able to contribute to Heathrow’s strategic planning, further honing my stakeholder engagement skills at public consultations and contributing to evaluations of our preferred master-plan. Now, I work on planning and delivering the airfield infrastructure necessary to support Heathrow as part of the Future Heathrow – Airfield team.

    Seeing one of my projects used in our decision-making and incident response process will always remain a highlight. During my first placement, I was able to work on a project that refreshed a key tool used at Heathrow for operational decision-making and incident response. I was trusted to deliver an impactful and crucial piece of work that assists our operational colleagues every day, and through it developed stakeholder management skills and built relationships that have helped me develop in many ways. It was a proud moment when I saw a marked up and dog-eared copy of the framework I delivered on the Airport Operations Manager’s desk during an incident response shift.

    When I joined the programme, I was aware of my long-term goals but unsure of a path to achieve them. Through the relationships I have built and honest conversations with my line managers, mentor, and other colleagues, I have been able to identify multiple paths that would help me achieve my goals while developing myself professionally and personally along the way. These conversations also helped me realise that deviations from my original plan can be new opportunities in themselves and taught me the value of building a degree of flexibility into my career plan.

    Hannah Tiffen - Graduate


    Hannah Tiffen

    Yasmin Augustin - Graduate


    Yasmin Augustin

    Yasmin Augustin - Graduate