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  • Engineering Apprentice

    I’m a second year Engineering apprentice, currently on placement at TTS (Track Transit System). Prior to this, I was on placement at the Engineering Workshop and Terminal 5.

    I came out of school with average GCSEs and went on to sixth form to study as I wanted to become an Accountant. After the first year, I knew it wasn’t for me, so I left and joined a technical college studying Electrical Installations Level 2 and 3, whilst working part time at a supermarket to earn money. Although I gained qualifications and knowledge at college, I wanted on-site, hands-on experience.

    I began looking at apprenticeships. This gave me the opportunity to find a place that aligned to my values, one of which is to work your way up within a business. I enrolled in a Harrods apprenticeship in Refrigeration and Air conditioning, which I completed a year of before taking on Heathrow’s Engineering apprenticeship. This apprenticeship has given me an opportunity to start, develop and pursue my Engineering career.

    The reason I chose Heathrow was because of the variety of work and opportunities that I could pursue. I could also genuinely see the possibility for real progression. For me, it’s really important that I work hard to become a fully qualified Heathrow Engineer. I would love to work my way up the ladder to management level in the future when I am ready for it – and it’s great to know it’s a real option here at Heathrow.

    My advice on applying for the Heathrow Engineering apprenticeship scheme is to work and study hard for the required grades, and always be yourself.

    Ceri Marin - Engineering Apprentice

    Engineering Apprentice

    Ceri Marin

    Daniel Breen - Engineering Apprentice

    Engineering Apprentice

    Daniel Breen

    Daniel Breen - Engineering Apprentice