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Growth and connectivity

Our report Sustainable growth, global connectivity showcases how Heathrow brings growth opportunities no other piece of UK infrastructure can deliver.

For more than a century, the UK has been a world leader in aviation. From the first transatlantic flight to the development of supersonic travel with Concorde. The country has led the way in innovations and technology – bringing benefits to businesses across the country.  

Around 81 million passengers and £188 billion worth of cargo a year passed through our airport before the pandemic. Our unrivalled global links to the world’s growth markets, combined with our domestic route network, connect the nations and regions of the UK to global growth.  

Sustainable Growth, Global Connectivity brings together our new economic data and sustainability strategy - Heathrow 2.0: Connecting People and Planet - into a single report. We wanted to showcase the entrepreneurship and talent found across our country and celebrate the businesses that work with, and through, Heathrow. By visiting every region in the UK, we saw the spirit of this innovation and collaboration up close.  

But Heathrow will always retain the need for growth to remain sustainable. Social and economic benefits cannot come at any cost. That is why at Heathrow, we are taking the lead on aviation sustainability. We have worked with others across the industry to develop our sustainability strategy and are taking action to accelerate the changes needed.  

At Heathrow, we are uniquely positioned to drive this change – taking action at the airport, in the community, for the country and for the planet. This report highlights how important it is that we commit to pursuing sustainable growth and maintaining global connectivity.