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There are many organisations involved in regulating and managing how and where planes fly at Heathrow. It’s not straightforward and in some areas, responsibilities are shared.

Airlines fly the planes, Air Traffic Control (provided by NATS) tell the planes where to fly, the government sets the routes and limits when planes can land and take off. Heathrow is responsible for delivering the policies set by these various regulators.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) – a public corporation that regulates pilots, aircraft engineers, airlines and air traffic controllers. It aims to improve aviation safety, choice for consumers and the environmental performance of the aviation industry.

Department for Transport – the government department responsible for civil aviation including night quotas and environmental standards, it has direct control of noise at Heathrow.

NATS (formerly National Air Traffic Services) – provides air traffic control and tell planes where to fly.

Heathrow Community Engagement Board (HCEB) acts as a focal point for engagement between Heathrow airport, local authorities, community groups, passengers and other airport users.

Heathrow Association for the Control of Aircraft Noise (HACAN) – a campaigning organisation which represents people living under flight paths around Heathrow, highlighting concerns about noise and pollution.

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