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Ockham trial

30 April 2015

NATS has informed Heathrow about an operational trial involving one of Heathrow’s aircraft ‘holding stacks’, called Ockham, being held between 30 April – 30 September 2015.

The trial affects aircraft above 7,000ft and although airports are not involved in changes above 7,000ft, NATS has brought this to the airport’s attention as part of their undertaking to share relevant information about any changes that may be noticed by local residents.

NATS do not expect there to by any perceptible change during the operational trial. The position of the holding stack will not move and no new areas will be overflown. The trial only involves around 50 per cent of aircraft that use the ‘hold’ and does not affect the numbers or altitude of aircraft using the stack.

Maps showing the Ockham stack

NATS have produced a factsheet about the trial for people wishing to find out more.

NATS Ockham stack factsheet