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Fly Quiet and Green 2018 Q3 results

16 November 2018

Heathrow has published its latest quarterly ‘Fly Quiet and Green’ results. The league table ranks the performance of 50 airlines on seven noise and emission metrics from July to September 2018. The latest data shows that airlines are continuing to invest in the modernisation of their fleets - more than one in five aircraft landing at Heathrow this year are expected to be ‘Chapter 14 Low’, the quietest aircraft available.

In first place is LOT Polish Airlines, up from fifth, now followed by Oman Air which leaped from 28th place to second. Over the last quarter LOT have operated a new Boeing 737 MAX on their Heathrow services to Warsaw and continuously worked with the airport’s operational team to find ways to improve its operations. Oman Air has also invested in modernising its Heathrow fleet, phasing out the use of its older A330s on its Heathrow routes for Boeing 787s Dreamliners – amongst the quietest and most environmentally-friendly aircraft available.

Aer Lingus continued to perform strongly in third place – the airline has been placed amongst the top three rankings in all but two Fly Quiet and Green league tables. Air Malta jumped eleven ranks to 11th place following improved use of the quieter “Continuous Descent Approach” arrival procedures into the airport and improved track-keeping on departure routes.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Director of Sustainability, said:

“Our airline partners continue to impress us with their commitment to reduce their noise and emissions impacts. This quarter, Oman Air has completely transformed their Heathrow operations with their new top-of-the-range Dreamliner fleet. This investment is a win-win- win as it benefits their passengers, the environment and our local communities – and shows how being a responsible, environmentally-conscious company can also be good for business.”

Information on the Fly Quiet and Green programme, along with the current table and previous rankings can be found here: