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Fly Quiet and Green 2018 Q2 results

06 September 2018

Heathrow has published its latest quarterly ‘Fly Quiet and Green’ results, ranking the performance of 50 airlines on seven noise and emission metrics from April to June 2018. Heathrow has estimated more than one 1 in 5 aircraft landing at the airport this year are set to be ‘Chapter 14 Low’ – the quietest type of aircraft available – an increase from the 16% seen in 2017.

Aer Lingus has moved up three places from last quarter to claim first place, with Scandinavian Airlines in second followed closely by British Airways (short-haul) in third. The top three performers scored highly in six of the seven noise and emission metrics used to rank airlines. All three have shown a clear upward trend in their use of a quieter arrivals procedure “Continuous Descent Approach” (CDA) and better adherence to the departure routes known as ‘noise preferential routes’ (NPRs).

Turkish Airlines is the latest carrier to upgrade its fleet of aircraft and make an impressive leap in the quarterly league table. The Turkish carrier has modernised its fleet to include more Boeing 777’s and has moved into 17th place on the league table, up 25 from last quarter. Improved ability to fly within the specified departure routes (NPRs) has also helped improve their position.

Another strong performer is Oman Air which has also been working closely with the Heathrow team to improve their position by 11 places from last quarter. Saudi Arabian Airlines are expected to make improvements over the next quarters, due to their active engagement with Heathrow’s operational team. The airline has also just taken delivery of a new system which allows them to see how each aircraft has performed on measures such as CDA and track keeping, within 20 minutes of arriving at Heathrow, and for them to engage with the flight crews to drive up performance.

Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Director of Sustainability said:

“The latest league table results raise the bar for airlines, who have shown that they remain committed to flying quieter and greener.

“Our local communities are at the heart of this programme. Heathrow will continue to work closely with our airline partners to improve results even further, as part of our mission to be a better neighbour.”

Information on the Fly Quiet and Green programme, along with the current table and previous rankings can be found here: