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Fly Quiet and Green 2018 Q1 results

16 May 2018

Heathrow has published its latest quarterly ‘Fly Quiet and Green’ results, ranking the performance of 50 airlines on seven noise and emission metrics from January to March 2018. The new league table ranks Scandinavian Airlines System first for the second time. LOT Polish Airlines has proved to be a success story of the programme having transformed its noise and emissions performance, rising from last place in the first league rankings to second place in the latest results.

This year LOT Polish Airlines has begun operating new Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on its Heathrow services, which have made the largest improvement to its ranking. The engines on the Boeing 737 MAX are quieter and more efficient than its predecessors, and have distinctive v-shaped winglets which allow the wings to encounter less drag, use less fuel, and produce lower carbon emissions.

Scandinavian Airlines has worked with Heathrow to improve its use of ‘Continuous Descent Approaches’ into the airport, which reduces noise by requiring less engine thrust and keeping aircraft higher for longer. The airline also worked to improve its ability to adhere to Government-set departure Noise Preferential Routes (NPRs), referred to in the league table as “track keeping.”

Matt Gorman, Heathrow’s Director of Sustainability responded to the results:

“As the first initiative of its kind in Europe, it was hard to estimate the impact the ‘Fly Quiet and Green’ league table would have when it was first launched. LOT Polish Airline’s story, however, shows the results that can be achieved by working productively with our airline partners to encourage them to use quieter technology and operating procedures for the benefit of our local neighbours.”

Information on the Fly Quiet and Green programme, along with the current table and previous rankings can be found here: