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Noise Performance Meeting

The Noise Performance Meeting comprises of Heathrow representatives along with local authority Environmental Health Officers (EHO) who are responsible for noise related issues within their local borough. The purpose of this quarterly meeting is to work alongside local authority representations, and for the good as a whole to receive and consider technical data from the Noise and Track-Keeping System and related reports. We will share information between the airport and local authorities in an effective, transparent manner, and continue to involve local council representatives to help manage effective ways of mitigating aircraft noise.

Terms of Reference

13 October 2016 - meeting minutes

13 October 2016 - meeting presentations

28 July 2016 - meeting minutes

28 July 2016 - meeting presentations

Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee

The Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee (HACC) is an independent committee whose role is to foster communication and build understanding between the airport and its users, local authorities and interest groups.

The HACC meets quarterly and meetings are open to the public. You can find more information including meeting minutes on their website here:

Heathrow Strategic Noise Advisory Group

The Heathrow Strategic Noise Advisory Group (HSNAG, formerly Heathrow Noise Forum) provides a forum for a representative group of stakeholders to collaborate to reduce aircraft noise around Heathrow.

Topics normally fall into one of the categories of aircraft noise management set out in ICAO’s Balanced Approach or one that cuts across these elements (e.g. communication); quieter planes, quieter procedures, land use and mitigation, operating restrictions, communication and other non-acoustic measures.

05 July 2017 - meeting minutes

10 May 2017 - meeting minutes

16 February 2017 - meeting minutes

17 November 2016 - meeting minutes

15 September 2016 - meeting minutes

21 July 2016 - meeting minutes

19 May 2016 - meeting minutes

17 March 2016 - meeting minutes

21 January 2016 - meeting minutes

19 November 2015 - meeting minutes

24 September 2015 - meeting minutes

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