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Heathrow expansion

In October 2016, the Government announced that a north west runway at Heathrow is its preferred scheme for the expansion of airport capacity in the South East.

Since then Heathrow has been developing proposals for how the expanded airport might look, how it might operate, and how we might best reduce the potential effects, including proposals for compensation and noise insulation.

The airport’s first consultation on its proposals ran from January to March 2018, during which thousands of residents attended 40 events held in communities surrounding Heathrow. 

Feedback received will develop a preferred masterplan for expansion. This process will involve continuous engagement and input from key stakeholders including neighbouring communities, local authorities, airlines, statutory bodies and the newly established Heathrow Community Engagement Board. 

Heathrow will consult on this masterplan next year if the Airports National Policy Statement is approved by Parliament in the coming months.

This second consultation will present the next phase of Heathrow’s airspace change consultation which will:

  • Show geographic areas within which flight paths could be positioned.
  • Ask what local factors should be taken into account when developing new flight paths within these areas, known as ‘design envelopes’.

More information about Heathrow expansion can be found on our expansion website