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Heathrow expansion

In October 2016, the Government announced that a north west runway at Heathrow is its preferred scheme for the expansion of airport capacity in the South East.

Since then Heathrow has been developing proposals for how the expanded airport might look, how it might operate, and how we might best reduce the potential effects, including proposals for compensation and noise insulation.

Public Consultation

Our consultation represents a major milestone to deliver Heathrow expansion in a way that is fair to our local communities, meets strict environmental tests and connects all of the UK to global growth.

There are two parts to our consultation:

  • The first relates to the physical changes on the ground needed to build a new north west runway and operate an expanded airport.
  • The second relates to potential principles we could apply when designing the new airspace required for an expanded airport.

The consultation will run for 10 weeks from 17 January - 28 March.

More information about the consultation, including details of events and how to respond to the consultation, can be found on our consultation website