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By Heathrow
At Heathrow, we value the importance of our colleagues safety, and that’s why we want everyone to be a part of the #worksafehomesafe movement.

We have created an interactive page featuring a selection of our colleagues who have shared their safety pledge. 76,500 colleagues, 80 million passengers. There's a lot going on at Britain's busiest airport. So take care and stay safe.

As we enter 2019 we’ll be continuing our focus on colleague safety, with the help of a few colleagues…

Real colleagues, real families

25 airport colleagues and their families teamed up to help bring the #worksafehomesafe message to life by sharing how, and why, they are staying safe. They want you to join them in creating a safer airport for colleagues, passengers and airport partners.

If we work safe, we’ll go home safe

Kids, friends or family - we've all got someone to stay safe for. That’s why we want everyone to be a part of the #worksafehomesafe campaign. Put simply, if we all work safe, follow the safety basics and look out for one another, we can all go home safely to our loved ones.

New year’s resolution: To join the #worksafehomesafe campaign

Be a part of the #worksafehomesafe campaign by making a safety pledge. Have a look at Harry Singh's safety pledge for some inspiration... 

Harry Singh's safety pledge: This year I'm staying safe for my daughter. I'll take extra care at work, hold on to the handrail and watch out for my colleagues.


Share your safety pledge with us on twitter or on Buzz and Yammer for Heathrow colleagues. Don't forget to use the hashtag.

We all have a part to play to keep ourselves and our colleagues safe.
"Ensuring we move around safely is the biggest opportunity we have to make our airport safer for all – whether it’s by following the speed limit, holding the handrail or simply noticing and caring for the safety of our colleagues and passengers."

Chris Garton , Chief Operating Officer , Heathrow