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Build up! Tackling plastic bags

Addressing plastic bags in security.

Build up! Tackling plastic bags
By Heathrow
As part of our 2018 innovation prize competition, the Heathrow Security team wanted to find solutions to the plastic bags that are currently required for passengers to take liquids, aerosols and gels into the aircraft cabin. We commonly refer to them as LAG bags.​

Like so many people, the Security team are concerned about the potential for plastics to cause harm to nature and wildlife after they are discarded. However the bags play a very important role and are required by law. ​

Is there a way to quickly and radically reduce the impact of LAG bags? This question found a way forward through the BuildUp! programme run by Ferrovial. BuildUp! took the challenge to startups across Europe through an open competition.

Build Up! 2nd Edition – Ferrovial’s Open Call for Startups

The winning startup – Good Bag – hail from the Austrian capital, Vienna. They will be implementing their idea at Heathrow over the next few months. Check back here for updates.​

Project partners: ​