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We would like to congratulate two Heathrow colleagues and two members of the Heathrow Access Advisory Group (HAAG) who are featured in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for 2020.

  • Georgina Hollingsworth for a Member of the British Empire (MBE) for her work with Heathrow Travel Care and services to British Nationals suffering mental health issues abroad.
  • Andy Price has been included for an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for Services to Aviation Security.
  • Geraldine Lundy for an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to Aviation Accessibility with the HAAG
  • Graham Race for an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to Overcoming Disability Barriers in Aviation with the HAAG


Georgina Hollingsworth - Heathrow Travel Care

Georgina Hollingsworth worked for Heathrow Travel Care for almost eight years on secondment from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office offering support to passengers with mental health issues.

Heathrow Travel Care is an independent charity providing “on airport” crisis social care since 1972. Heathrow Travel Care, ensures that someone is always on hand to assess, advise and assist anyone who may be in crisis or distress at the airport. This includes passengers, colleagues and rough sleepers. Travel Care works alongside homeless organisation Thames Reach, the London Borough of Hillingdon, Trinity Housing and HAL to support as many rough sleepers as possible.

The Travel Care team have also recently been nominated for a Pride of Britain award having secured over 160 places in COVID hotel accommodation for some of Heathrow’s rough sleepers and homeless visitors. 


Andy Price - Security

Andy Price has worked tirelessly behind the scenes on making flying safer for everyone. To celebrate his success, we have explored Andy’s long and diverse career, from starting on the frontline as a Security Officer to receiving an OBE.

Andy’s most recent role as a Security Technology Manager led him to being awarded an OBE for his services to aviation security. Within this position, Andy engaged with global stakeholders such as governments, airlines, aviation bodies and academia to push development of innovative security technology, many examples of which we see implemented at Heathrow today. 

My career highlight has been keeping Heathrow at the forefront of passenger and staff safety. Although receiving an OBE will take some beating!

Andy Price OBE

Andy began his career at Heathrow as a Security Officer in Terminal 4 before being promoted to a Security Supervisor when his leadership capabilities were quickly recognised. After spending time as the Security Duty Manager in Terminal 1 Andy moved into baggage, working as a Baggage Duty Manager. He was the first colleague to take on this role, ensuring all bags were delivered to planes and passengers in a timely manner – not a small undertaking!

Examples of Security Technology projects Andy has worked on over the years include the introduction of Security Scanners, Explosive Trace Detection systems, liquid bottle scanners, and hold baggage screening systems. Many of the now commonplace security protocols in place at Heathrow were achieved in part thanks to Andy’s UK and international work in detection solutions.

More recently, Andy has been responsible for creating the operating procedures and supporting the UK government in developing a regulatory framework for the deployment of new computer tomography (CT) scanners for cabin baggage. Once rolled out, this innovation has the potential to transform the passenger experience at Heathrow by allowing passengers to carry liquids again and leave their laptops and other items in their bag during screening.


Geraldine Lundy and Graham Race - Heathrow Access Advisory Group

The Heathrow Access Advisory Group (HAAG) has been established by Heathrow to help it deliver its vision to make Heathrow the leading airport in the world regarding accessibility and inclusion by bringing a consumer perspective into its decision-making and planning processes.

The HAAG meets quarterly to consider issues relating to all aspects of accessibility, assistance service quality output, quality and consistency of training protocols, innovation through assistive technology, and all other topics that affect the passenger journey for persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and families with infants and toddlers. They now also include the Heathrow Express service as part of their remit, making sure that passengers have a seamless journey to and from the airport. Throughout the pandemic they have continued to engage and advise via online platforms, email and phone and have been a constant source of advice and expertise.

Geraldine Lundy has worked for over 20 years in the aviation industry enabling people with disabilities to fly as safely and comfortably as possible. Her passion for accessible aviation has led her to be recognised as a subject matter expert in this area around the globe. During her years working for Virgin Atlantic she influenced the airline to introduce accessible IFE and ensure their customer facing staff assist passengers with hidden disabilities; either recognising airport initiatives or Virgin Atlantic’s own symbol

Although huge advances have been made in recent years there are still many improvements that can be initiated. Geraldine is committed to working with others in the industry to improve processes, procedures, equipment and training further so that air travel becomes as pleasant and accessible for as many people as possible.

Geraldine OBE
Graham OBE

Graham Race is a pioneer in the field of access to commercial flight for disabled people, having designed the award-winning MERU TravelChair and setting up QEF’s ‘Tryb4ufly’. Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation (QEF) is a UK national charity that provides a range of services for disabled people.

Tryb4uFly provides information, confidence and practical demonstration for disabled people who are considering flying. It has three mock aircraft cabin in London, Birmingham and Leeds where disabled people can try equipment and discuss their flight. Having a child with a disability has increased Graham’s desire to see the availability of life changing products and services for disabled people, their families and the services that support them, and is passionate about the role that aviation can play to inspire independence and achieve life goals.

I am passionate about the role that aviation can play to inspire independence and achieve life goals.

Congratulations to Georgina, Andy, Geraldine and Graham on these incredible achievements.