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Restoring peatland, carbon offset

As part of the Heathrow Centre of Excellence, one of the projects we're already working on is restoring peatlands in the UK.

Peatlands carbon offsetting coe hero
By Heathrow
As described in Heathrow’s Carbon Neutral Growth Roadmap, offsetting remains an important part of the action airports can take to address carbon emissions. ​

Heathrow is taking a leading role. It is using carbon offsetting as a way to invest in the restoration of fragile UK ecosystems – peatlands.

When restored to health, these landscapes can not only safely lock up vast quantities of carbon, but in doing so also deliver big benefits to nature and people, such as reducing the risk of flooding and fire, and returning habitats to their pristine, natural state, supporting many important and rare species.​

The first peatland restoration project went on site in the autumn of 2018 at Little Woolden Moss in Lancashire and further projects are planned, as we further develop our approach to offset to deliver multiple benefits to climate, people and nature.​


Centre of Excellence

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