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Local quality of life and wellbeing

As part of the Heathrow Centre of Excellence, one of the projects we're looking at is local quality of life and wellbeing around the airport.

By Heathrow
One of the most important issues for Heathrow is ensuring that it is the best neighbour it can be, delivering the greatest benefit to local people and communities whilst minimising negative impacts.​

The study of the issues of Community Wellbeing and Quality of Life for local people is therefore an important area for research – to identify more ways Heathrow can help to deliver ‘A Great Place to Live’. ​

The Centre is working with Brunel University London to explore the factors that combine to deliver Quality of Life and Wellbeing in local communities.​

A ‘research sprint’ took place during the second half of 2018, using focus groups to establish an initial list of over 200 wellbeing indicators. This area of research is being further developed in 2019.​

Project partners: ​

Centre of Excellence

Visit our Centre of Excellence homepage to find out more.