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Terminal 5 celebrates 10 years

Heathrow Terminal 5 celebrates 10 years

Terminal 5 celebrates 10 years
By Heathrow
Heathrow Terminal 5 today celebrates 10 years of operation, during which over 277 million passengers have travelled through on over 969,000 flights! We’ve taken a look at the astonishing facts and figures behind the Terminal.

The 10th anniversary comes just a day after HRH The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) visited Heathrow Terminal 5 to view the amazing work that goes into keeping our passengers travelling safely and on time.

Our top 10 Terminal 5 facts:

  • 141 destinations across 57 countries are served from Terminal 5;
  • 149.5 million bags have travelled through the Terminal in the last 10 years;
  • The terminal has the second longest single-piece escalator in the UK at a length of 21.75m;
  • 60,000 people were involved in building Terminal 5;
  • The baggage tunnel which links Terminals 5 and 3 is 2.1km long and is part of the largest integrated baggage system in the world;
  • 277m passengers have travelled through Heathrow Terminal 5 – that’s more than the population of Brazil;
  • Terminal 5 was rated Skytrax World’s Best Terminal for 5 years in a row between 2012-2016
  • The terminal has an area of 353,020 square metres;
  • At almost a quarter of a mile long, Terminal 5 is the equivalent length of 40 Routemaster double deck buses parked end to end;
  • Her Majesty the Queen officially opened the Terminal on March 14, 2008.