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Worlds first #walkandlight exhibit

Heathrow launches world's first #walkandlight flow exhibit.

Worlds first #walkandlight exhibit
By Heathrow
Heathrow has launched an airport world-first interactive light exhibit, “Flow”, in Terminal 3, with the accompanying hashtag #walkandlight, for passengers. What is it? Find out here.

Inspired by a Rotterdam nightclub dance floor, Flow will see state-of-the-art technology used to convert the energy of passengers footsteps into a responsive electronic panel of changing coloured lights.

The project is the brainchild of Miguel Saddler, Augusto Siguero, Lorena Segura and Ignacio Villen, who won the 2012 Ferrovial Innovation Award for it.

We caught up with Miguel and Augusto to explore the inspiration behind the new feature.

What was the inspiration for Flow?

Augusto: I was inspired by a night club in Rotterdam that used similar technology to illuminate the floor. We hoped to create a unique experience for passengers by providing them with a way to feel part of the infrastructure of the airport. Potentially this technology will also minimize energy consumption in the area.

How does it work?

Miguel: The floor uses Pavegen technology to convert footsteps on each of the individual tiles into electricity which in turn lights up a wall panel according to the direction and movement of passengers walking from one end of the corridor to the other.

What are you expecting passengers to experience from flow?

Augusto: We’re expecting Flow to give passengers’ a unique and memorable airport experience while they’re waiting for their flights or heading to their gate. We want passengers to interact with it and share their own experiences – plus we think it’s going to make for some pretty good Instagram and Twitter images.

Miguel: The installation is expected not only to enhance passengers’ experience with a memorable moment but it could also allow Heathrow Airport to learn actively about customer traffic flow patterns, queue monitoring and management or better retail and advertising distribution. We’re both excited about the possibilities this type of technology may mean as a sustainable source of electricity into the future.

What are the Ferrovial Innovation Awards?

The awards aim to encourage progress to improve the world through the combination of powerful ideas and team spirit and is scheduled to occur every two years.

Flow beat 500 other ideas in the first Ferrovial Innovation Awards in 2012, also known as the Zuritanken Awards. The word Zuritanken is a word made up to define the connection created by an idea; namely, between those who have the idea and those who believe in it.

The word describes both experiences, witnessing and taking part in a significant change. 

“The installation is expected not only to enhance passengers’ experience with a memorable moment but it could also allow Heathrow Airport to learn actively about customer traffic flow patterns, queue monitoring & management..."

Miguel Saddler

Now the project has completed we ask what they are both working on:

Miguel: I’ve recently started working on the new flight connection facility in T3, which is one of the key projects in Q6 around improving our connections capacity and the experience of transferring passengers. There are several innovative solutions in this project from a constructions perspective and from a security process point of view.

Augusto: Asset Management is a cross-functional, multidisciplinary growing field, I believe many opportunities to be creative could arise in that field, I would like to help this discipline growing within the Ferrovial group.

Hear from Miguel and Augusto, in this interview piece from the 2012 Awards

Not a step wasted was the theme behind the idea when it was submitted during the awards process. See a recap of the awards, including appearances from Miguel and Augusto, via the Ferrovial video below:

Miguel Saddler works as a Project Manager in the Passenger Experience Programme in Development and in his spare time is a sports enthusiast. While Augusto Siguero, is a passionate rugby lover who works supporting Heathrow Asset Management Programme through the Ferrovial Centre for Asset Management.

Flow is located between the International Departures Lounge (IDL) and Pier 5, follow the signs towards Gates 23-42. Share your Flow images with us on Twitter and Instagram using #walkandlight.