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  • Thousands of face masks donated to local NHS teams to continue helping in the fight against COVID-19 
  • Heathrow continues to support local schools with donations of laptops to aid remote learning, digital resources and barriers to aid in students’ social distancing

Heathrow has donated a further 5,000 FFP3 face masks to NHS personnel at Hillingdon Hospital this week, taking the total donated to 16,000 since the outbreak of COVID-19. In addition to this, Heathrow has stepped up efforts to help local schools during the pandemic.  

A total of 70 laptops have now been delivered to local primary schools around the airport over the last two months, from funds that have been donated by the Heathrow Exec team, and have been raised through the recycling of airport IT equipment. The donated laptops mean pupils who previously didn't have access to a device will no longer be missing out on their education due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Heathrow has developed online educational resources for teachers and parents to support home schooling for those who may not be returning to class. Through these resources, students can design an airport terminal, learn` about the airport’s history, test their knowledge of geography, and see what it’s like to work in cargo or communications at the airport.

Heathrow has also donated separation barriers to Colnbrook Primary School to help divide their playground into sections to ensure social distancing is applied as students make their return back to school.

“During these challenging times, we have a responsibility as a major employer in the local community to step up and offer support where we can."

Becky Coffin , Director of Communities , Heathrow


During this unprecedented time, offering support to the community has been critical. Last month, the UK’s hub airport donated 5,000 FFP3 face masks and 60,000 liquid bags to NHS teams, 9,500 chocolate eggs for local children and more. Additionally, the Heathrow Community Trust (HCT) granted £95,000 in rapid emergency funding for local community groups responding to COVID-19, including food banks and support services for the isolated and vulnerable. 

Heathrow Director of Communities, Becky Coffin said:

“During these challenging times, we have a responsibility as a major employer in the local community to step up and offer support where we can. I am pleased that our additional face mask donations can support our NHS heroes on the frontline, and the laptops and barriers can aid schools with home schooling and social distancing.”