Face coverings remain mandatory at Heathrow

Face coverings are mandatory at the airport and we encourage everyone to wear one at all times, unless they’re exempt. Passengers can purchase face coverings at several retailers at the airport including Boots and WHSmith. 

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  • Heathrow
    • Heathrow announces its first Culture Curator, Reggie Yates, and the launch of his docu-series “Created in the UK: A series exploring the diverse creative communities and global cultural influences that make up the nation” this Spring 
    • Research finds that 55% of Brits rate the UK as a global leader in the creative arts 
    • 64% think diversity allows the UK’s creative industry to flourish 
    • 70% believe the creative industries enhance quality of life and mental wellbeing 

    January 2020: In an effort to shine a light on Britain’s unique creativity, Heathrow has appointed its first ever Culture Curator: writer, director and broadcaster, Reggie Yates. As part of his work, Reggie will launch “Created in the UK,” a docu-series with Heathrow exploring the diverse creative communities and global cultural influences that make up the nation. Research commissioned by the airport, the UK’s global gateway, reveals the nation’s love of British creative culture; over half surveyed (55%) believe the UK is a global leader in the creative arts thanks to the country’s diverse communities which are believed to be the driving force behind this flourishing industry (64%).

    Over a quarter of Brits (28%) believe it’s the country’s diverse cities, each with individual personalities, that ensures the UK stands out compared to the rest of the world. London leads the charge as top creative hub according to the poll by Heathrow, followed by Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Glasgow; with travellers from across the world exploring our top cities daily and bringing a slice of their own country’s creativity. Additionally, 72% of Gen Z’s are influenced by a country’s creative and cultural offering when planning a trip abroad, suggesting that Brits are not only leaders in creativity but also pursuers of culture and innovation around the world.

    To celebrate this era of British creativity, Heathrow’s Culture Curator Reggie Yates will present an online docuseries, which will showcase the cultural innovators that make the UK’s diverse creative communities. “Created in the UK with Reggie Yates and Heathrow” is due to launch this spring and will capture Yates’ journey across the UK as he meets change makers from an array of creative worlds.

    Delving into the nation’s opinion on current creative culture, Heathrow reveals that 70% of Brits believe the creative industries enhance our quality of life and mental wellbeing, with a further 64% stating they would recommend the UK as a great place to pursue creative ambitions and explore artistic passions. Homegrown talent including globally renowned musicians (35%), Oscar-nominated actors (29%) and iconic artists (27%) are noted as some of the national treasures that make the British public proud

    Reggie Yates, said: “British creative culture, whether music, fashion or film, brings people together and unites the nation. I can’t wait to showcase some of the UK’s top creative talent as they reveal their craft Classification: Internal and inspiration.

    "I hope the “Created in the UK” series made in collaboration with Heathrow will inspire the next generation of British artists to step into the spotlight."

    Reggie Yates


    Carol Hui, Chief of Staff at Heathrow, said: “We are delighted to appoint Reggie Yates as Heathrow’s first-ever Culture Curator. 

    "Britain’s creative culture is an export we should be truly proud of and we look forward to celebrating the global influences that enrich our artistic communities, via our new series; 'Created in the UK with Reggie Yates and Heathrow'."

    Carol Hui , Chief of Staff , Heathrow


    Visit Heathrow's social media for more information and updates on “Created in the UK: A series exploring the diverse creative communities and global cultural influences that make up the nation, with Reggie Yates & Heathrow”.