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Team GB arrives home from Olympics

BA2016 touches down as team GB arrives home from Olympics, at Heathrow.

Team GB arrives home from Olympics
By Heathrow
UPDATE (Sept 9, 2016): The 2016 Team GB Paralympians have touched down at Heathrow this morning after a successful games in which they won 147 medals! See our favourite tweets from their return, here.

British Airways BA2016 has touched down at Heathrow this morning, carrying many of Team GB back from the Olympics. The athletes were met by friends and family – and a lot of fanfare. See our behind the scenes video of BA2016 on the tarmac and some our favourite tweets so far about the journey home, below!

Fast facts about BA2016:

  1. Captain Steve Hawkins brought home the Boeing 747 flight

  2. Flight BA2016 was loaded with extra champagne (77 bottles in total), 350 litres of water and treats for the 11 hour 15 minute journey

  3. Pole vaults, javelins, bicycles and laser pistols are just some of the items of kit the airline flew back;

  4. The largest item to be flown back was sail at 6.7 meters!

  5. “victoRIOus” carried 92 medals – weighing a total of 46 kg!

VIDEO | Watch BA2016 “Victorious” as it taxis onto stand…

We set-up the office’s Go-Pro on the dash of one of our airside safety vehicles to watch BA2016 as it made its way across the tarmac to the waiting media. Aboard the flight were 320 athletes and 46kg of medals!

Follow #VictoRIOus as it brings home Team GB!

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A little over four years ago (August 13, 2012), Heathrow said farewell to the athletes of the London Olympics! As part of being the host airport for the Olympics, Heathrow opened a specific, London Park-themed, games terminal. Read more…

From all of us at Heathrow – congratulations to Team GB on their successful performance at the Rio Olympics!