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  • Our noise insulation schemes help people in the local community affected by noise. The schemes cover homes, schools and other community buildings.

    We are currently reviewing our noise insulation scheme strategy in line with our Noise Action Plan commitment. This will ensure that any changes or enhancements that are made to the schemes take account of existing guidance and Government policy. We are currently engaging with key stakeholders and gathering evidence to inform our long-term approach. As a result of this review, our intention is to make Heathrow’s noise insulation schemes more accessible to, and effective for, local residents. Our objective is to implement the updated noise insulation and mitigation schemes from the end of 2022.

    Further details and the current status of each of our noise insulation schemes are provided below.

    Quieter Homes Scheme

    The Quieter Homes Scheme provides practical support to those homeowners most affected by aircraft noise at Heathrow. We independently assess each home to determine which noise insulation measures will be most effective and we pay the full cost of carrying out the work. The Quieter Homes Scheme remains open and all properties on the waiting list will be completed. We have also extended the offer to owners of all eligible properties that have not yet taken up the scheme to invite them to apply. 

    How the scheme works

    After registering your interest, we arrange a free, independent noise assessment survey at your home to carry out acoustic tests to measure noise disturbance. The assessor then determines what needs to be done to insulate your particular home. This may include loft and ceiling insulation, double-glazing or external door replacements. Building work is then arranged. Residents who are eligible for this scheme pay nothing for any recommended soundproofing home improvements, which may include loft and ceiling overboarding, double-glazing and external door replacements.


    Day Noise / Night Noise Insulation Schemes

    For many years we have offered two schemes, the Day Noise and Night Noise Insulation Schemes, to protect homes exposed to aircraft noise. Eligible properties receive 50% of the cost of applicable windows (bedrooms only for the night scheme) and external doors or free secondary glazing, as well as free loft insulation and ventilation.

    This year we will be closing our Day Noise and Night Noise Insulation Schemes. If you are interested in applying for a scheme, we would encourage you to do so. To apply for either of these legacy schemes, please register your interest by 30 June 2022 by email at or by calling 0800 344 844.

    In the summer we plan to announce details of our new noise insulation schemes based on updated noise exposure information. These will build on the learnings from our Quieter Homes Scheme to develop our new approach. Over the years we have seen a reduction in the number of people applying for and taking up our legacy schemes, so our new schemes will be designed to be more attractive and encourage a higher rate of uptake.

    If you choose to register for our legacy schemes before 30 June 2022, once we have updated our schemes we will inform you if they will be more suitable for you before we proceed.

    Community Buildings Scheme

    Heathrow funds noise insulation for community buildings that are exposed to medium to high levels of aircraft noise. The scheme pays for buildings to make noise-insulating modifications such as double-glazing, replacement windows and ventilation. The scheme applies to noise-sensitive buildings around Heathrow that are exposed to a medium to high level of noise (within the 2002 63 dB Leq noise contour). Eligible buildings are those in widespread use within the community, where people spend long periods of time, or where they are vulnerable. These include hospitals, nursing homes and hospices, schools and colleges, registered nurseries, libraries and community halls.

    How the scheme works

    Our analysis shows there are 64 eligible community buildings in the area covered. Organisations are contacted directly by the community-led body that administers the scheme. Experts assess what noise insulation measures to take and the work is then carried out by approved contractors. This may involve replacing windows, installing secondary glazing, modifying ventilation or other steps. Where acoustic insulation is not appropriate or cost-effective, the scheme may cover alternative measures. These must be approved on a case-by-case basis. Heathrow developed the community buildings noise insulation scheme in consultation with local residents, businesses, campaign groups and local authorities.

    Use of personal data

    Heathrow is committed to protecting your personal information and we are legally obliged to use your information in line with all applicable laws concerning the protection of personal data. For details please see our privacy notice.