Rail disruption - 4 & 8 October 2023

Due to planned industrial action and engineering works, there will be disruption to rail and London Underground services between Heathrow and Central London on Wednesday 4 and Sunday 8 October 2023.


Over this period, there will be disruption to Heathrow Express and Elizabeth line services


Please note, the London Underground (Tube) strikes that would have affected the Piccadilly line on Wednesday 4 and Friday 6 October 2023 have now been suspended, and the Piccadilly line will be running as normal throughout this period. 


Passengers should plan their journeys before travelling, and allow for additional time where necessary as services will be busier than normal.

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ULEZ expansion - 29 August 2023

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone, or ULEZ, is expanding to encompass all of Greater London, including Heathrow Airport, from the 29 August 2023.


The initiative, implemented by Transport for London (TfL), is aimed at reducing air pollution in London, therefore all vehicles entering the airport must meet certain emissions standards in order to avoid paying a daily charge.


The daily charge for non-compliant vehicles is £12.50 for most vehicles, including cars, vans, and motorcycles.


The charge will be in addition to any other fees or charges associated with entering the airport. The charge only applies when a vehicle is driven within the ULEZ zone, and does not apply to stationary vehicles including when cars are parked at Heathrow.


Please note, if you have booked Meet & Greet or Valet Parking with a non-compliant vehicle, and have selected a different exit terminal to your entry terminal, you will be liable for payment of a ULEZ charge to transfer your vehicle to another terminal.

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We are launching a new package of noise insulation, vortex protection and home relocation schemes.

  • Our noise insulation schemes help people in the local community affected by noise. These schemes cover homes, schools and other community buildings.
  • We are simplifying our residential noise insulation schemes into a single offer, covering 100% of the insulation costs. *
  • We are improving our relocation assistance schemes.
  • We are extending our school ventilation initiative.

Prioritising homes in the noisiest areas

Our new residential noise insulation scheme will be delivered in phases, prioritising those in the highest noise areas. Over the course of 2023 we will:

  1. Close out legacy properties and applications under the old schemes
  2. Identify properties that are eligible for the first phase of the new scheme
  3. Contact the first residents from October 2023 with targeted communications
  4. Set out our delivery plan for 2024 on our website.


In our Noise Action Plan (2019-2023) we committed to undertake a detailed review of our existing community noise insulation and vortex (NIV) schemes and practices in 2021, with a view to launching a new noise insulation strategy in 2023.  

Having concluded this review, we are preparing to launch our new strategy in 2023, consistent with Heathrow’s 2.0 noise objective, UK policy and ICAO's Balanced Approach to Noise Management. 

We are now starting a transition stage to respond to expressions of interest registered with Heathrow before the existing NIV schemes were closed in June 2022.  

Then in 2024 we will roll out our new schemes for dwellings and community buildings which will provide 100% Heathrow funding for noise insulation and ventilation costs*. This will be within eligibility footprints (noise contours) which are based on UK noise policy.  As before, we will be offering two scheme families: 

1. Residential: 
  • Noise insulation
  • Home relocation assistance 
  • Vortex impact repair
2. Community Buildings: 
  • Includes schools, colleges, community halls, libraries, hospitals, hospices, and day nurseries. 

In parallel with the new schemes, we plan to undertake academically robust independent research to better understand their effectiveness in reducing annoyance and sleep disturbance and improving residents’ quality of life and children’s cognition. 

Key points

Our offer

  1. We are simplifying our residential noise insulation schemes into one offer based on a single boundary.

  2. We will cover 100% of the costs of insulation*, benefitting thousands of residential properties. 

  3. We are increasing the maximum payments on our relocation assistance schemes by 60%. 

  4. We are rolling out our school ventilation initiative to remaining schools that have previously qualified for insulation support. 

  5. We will continue with our vortex protection scheme to protect and repair homes around the airport, including the provision of pro-active protection for homes in high-risk areas.

Phased roll-out of the new scheme
  • The scheme will be delivered in phases, prioritising those in the highest noise areas. 
  • We will contact residents as we open each phase and seek to drive take-up to at least 80% with targeted communications.
  • The first residents will be contacted during the last quarter of 2023.
What happens next?
  • We are now starting a transition phase to complete legacy properties and applications under the old schemes by the end of 2023.
  • We will establish a Prioritisation Panel comprising representative stakeholders to help support the delivery decisions associated with the scheme, identifying properties that are eligible in the first phase of the new scheme and setting out our plan to begin delivering to those households from January 2024.
Who will qualify for the scheme?
  • Properties will be eligible if they are located within a single composite boundary based on current UK noise policy.**
  • This will be regularly updated to take account of improvements in aircraft fleet and changes in airspace use or design. This will help to reflect and incentivise investment in new fleet technology and operational procedures, as well as ensuring that the scheme continues to remain reflective of the noise climate.
  • We will contact residents as we open each phase of the scheme and provide information on our website at www.heathrow.com/noise
  • We are establishing a new procurement and operating model that builds more resilient processes and relationships with suppliers, helping to smooth the process for residents. 
  • This approach will include customer satisfaction surveys and audits.
  • We will introduce a Prioritisation Panel to help in decision making and reporting against the scheme’s delivery.
Understanding and improving research gaps
  • We will gather robust evidence by commissioning new research on the effectiveness of the schemes on sleep disturbance, annoyance and quality of life as well as research on new products.

* Up to an inflation-linked maximum of £30,000. ** Compliant with existing policy and reflective of the Significant Observed Adverse Effect Level (SOAEL) for day and night and the Sound Exposure Level (SEL) footprint of the noisiest aircraft scheduled to operate before 06:00.


Get in touch

If you would like to know more, please call us on 0800 344844 or email:

Use of personal data

Heathrow is committed to protecting your personal information and we are legally obliged to use your information in line with all applicable laws concerning the protection of personal data. For details please see our privacy notice.