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A quieter Heathrow

Take part in our consultation to give feedback on our new Noise Action Plan

Heathrow is committed to being a quieter airport. We are continually looking at how we can reduce noise from aircraft taking off and landing, and from our operations on the ground. We’ve made a great deal of progress, and we plan to become even quieter.  
Our proposed Noise Action Plan 2024-2028 sets out how we’d like to further reduce noise before putting the plan into action.
Work to develop the draft Noise Action Plan began in November 2022 with the first of a series of workshops and engagement meetings with key stakeholder groups. These collaborative efforts led to the assembly of the proposed actions.
You will find information here on why a Noise Action Plan is important to us, what we are proposing to do to reduce noise and improve wellbeing for our neighbours.
Consultation on the Noise Action Plan is now closed, but we will provide updates on this website.


  • The Noise Action Plan
    The Noise Action Plan

    Take a look at our proposed Noise Action Plan for 2024 - 2028. Find out why a Noise Action Plan is important to us and what we are proposing to do to reduce noise and improve wellbeing for our neighbours.

    View the Noise Action Plan



Delivering the same benefits, just a little quieter  

Heathrow brings huge economic benefits both locally and nationally. Heathrow is one of the largest single-site workplaces in the UK – over 70,000 people work here. More than half of these live in Heathrow’s five local boroughs. 

Nationally, Heathrow is the UK’s global gateway playing a critical role underpinning the UK’s economic success, connecting UK regions and nations to over 200 destinations in over 80 countries. As the UK’s front door – we welcome friends, families, businesses, trade, and investment to the UK from Sydney to Seattle.

But for all the benefits that Heathrow delivers, we know that aircraft noise remains an issue for those living around the airport. That’s why we strive to work together with our airlines, NATS (our air traffic controllers), the Government and our local communities to manage and reduce the effects of noise. 

Heathrow provides the workplace for more than 70,000 people and brings a host of other benefits to the UK