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Flight operations videos

We have developed a number of videos to help explain how our operations at Heathrow work.

Flight Operations Videos

This video gives an overview of a typical day at Heathrow including arrivals and departures.

A day in the life of Heathrow

This video provides a detailed overview of Heathrow arrivals including the holding stacks and final approach.

Heathrow arrivals

This video explains how departures operate from Heathrow including what a Standard Instrument Departure (SID) and Noise Preferential Route (NPR) are.

Heathrow departures

This video explains the process that takes place when the wind direction changes from a westerly to easterly meaning we have to swap runway ends.

Swapping runway ends

This video explains runway alternation on westerly operations and how and why we sometimes land on the designated departure runway.

Tactically enhanced arrivals mode (TEAM)

This video explains easterly operations, including the reason why we normally just use the northern runway for arrivals and the southern runway for departures and why we sometimes land on the southern runway.

Easterly operations

This video provides an overview of how flights can be impacted by severe weather or thunderstorms.

Severe weather and thunderstorms