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14 Dec 2020

In our operational update on 30 November we mentioned that we were expecting to see an increase in passenger numbers and flights during December, particularly in the second half of the month in the lead up to Christmas. We explained that if the number of flights rises, we would need to return to two runway operations.

We can now confirm that we have returned to two runway operations today (Monday 14 December at 06:00), alternating at 3pm as usual when we are on westerly operations to provide local communities with respite. This means that this week we will be landing on the southern runway (27L) until 3pm and then we’ll switch to the northern runway (27R) if we are on westerly operations. The full alternation pattern can be found on our website here.

Based on our current forecast, we expect to be operating on both runways through into January. We will continue to keep this under review and assess the forecast nearer the time as to whether we will continue using both runways or revert to single runway operations if fight numbers decrease. We will keep you updated on any changes to our runway operations as usual.