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While Heathrow has some of the strictest restrictions of any hub airport in terms of movements permitted between 11:30pm and 6:00am,  we know that flights operating in the night period can be disruptive for local communities and so we are always looking at ways to improve how the airport operates. 

To help address this, we have announced details of a Quiet Night Charter. The charter has been developed to identify voluntary initatives to improve the performance of our operations and reduce the overall impact of unscheduled night movements on our local communities.

The charter will see Heathrow and its partners- NATS air traffic controllers, Airline Operators Committee, Airports Coordination Limited (responsible for slot allocation), British Airways and Virgin Airlines - working more closely together to deliver improvements in night time operations and noise management. 

  • Improve Punctuality- to achieve a greater number of aircraft arriving and departing on time throughout the day to reduce the knock-on effect of later flights in the night period. 
  • Predictable Operation- to provide more certainty to our local communities about periods of respite from aircraft noise.
  • Quieter Operations- to reduce and mitigate noise from aircraft arriving and departing at night. 

A summary of the charter can be downloaded here.