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  • Heathrow community noise forum

    Heathrow Community Noise Forum

    The Heathrow Community Noise Forum (HCNF) was set up in 2015 in response to local concerns regarding future changes to airspace as a result of the Government's airspace modernisation strategy. It is made up of representatives from local authorities around Heathrow, NATS, BA, DfT, CAA and Heathrow.


    The aims of the Forum are to:

    1. Keep community representatives and local authority stakeholders informed and seek their input in preparing for and consulting on future airspace modernisation as part of the Government’s airspace modernisation strategy and airspace changes associated with Heathrow expansion;

    2. Improve understanding of members on Heathrow’s operations and airspace issues;

    3. Seek input from members to inform the communications approach to trials and public consultations regarding potential airspace changes;

    4. Build trust in the data through members involvement in the independent verification of the data and analysis of data.

    Public gallery

    There is a public gallery at each of the meetings where members of the public are welcome to come and observe. Please pre-register if you would like to attend by emailing with ‘Heathrow Community Noise Forum attendance’ in the subject heading.