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  • Key spots around Heathrow

    Heathrow Airport covers over 1,200 hectares of land – but where is everything located at the airport?

    Key spots around Heathrow

    Central Terminal Area (CTA)

    As the heart of the orginal terminal and airfield layout, the Central Terminal Area (CTA) has seen a lot of change in Heathrow’s 70 year history! Much of the £11bn spent on upgrading the airport since 2006 has been spent in this area.

    Key points at Central Terminal Area

    1. The Control Tower: This is where NATS Air Traffic Controllers direct the flights in and out of the airport.

    2. T3: Terminal 3 is now the oldest terminal in operation at the airport – it’s been in use since 1955.

    3. T1: Closed in 2015, much of the Terminal 1 building and infrastructure still remains in place.

    4. Pier 20: This pier was opened in 2006 in response to the development of the Airbus A380 and the need for larger stands to accommodate it. As a result, it still remains a great place to view both A380’s and the southern runway.

    5. T2 A: Opened in 2014 by Her Majesty the Queen, the new Terminal sits on the site of the original Terminal 2 that was demolished.

    6. T2 B: A satellite terminal that provides additional stands for T2A.

    Key locations near T4

    1. BA Concorde: While the last BA Concorde flights took place in 2003, one aircraft from their iconic fleet still remains parked next to BA maintenance facilities.

    2. Myrtle Avenue: It’s not an official sight, but amongst Av Geeks Myrtle Avenue is one of the most visited locations to view and photograph aircraft from.