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Beginning his career 13 years ago as a Security Officer, Luke tells us what it's like to be a Ground Handling and Aviation Fuel Manager and his #lifeatheathrow journey over the decade.

A day in the life Q&A:

My role takes me all over the airfield making sure the 450 companies licenced to operate airside at the airport (after security and on the tarmac) are compliant with all of our important safety and operational procedures. Officially this is referred to as managing Heathrow’s Ground Operations Licence (GOL) – essentially permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate an airport. 

I am also responsible for looking after fuel operations at the airport. This includes working with airlines and the company that manages the fuel infrastructure at the airport to ensure the safety of refueling procedures and the continued supply of fuel.  

A typical day for me involves travelling around the airport and speaking to the many licenced companies operating on site to identify and help remedy and issues they’re facing.

Each day we get a number of queries from a whole host of sources around what’s needed to remain compliant with Heathrow’s licence conditions. Often these issues will require me to liaise with our security, legal and operational teams simultaneously to get a successful outcome for all involved. 

I would say – 100%, go for the job at Heathrow. If you want a work place where its fast paced, where you network with a large number of different people and departments, where you can make a difference, and deliver results, then this is the place for you.

I have made great friends and colleagues here over the years and would recommend working for Heathrow.


I’d say the best things about working at Heathrow are the many great experiences you’ll have, the people, the culture, and the opportunities to develop (not only in your career but your personal growth). My role challenges me and I know that what I am delivering is making a difference, which really makes it feel worthwhile.

I began my career, with Heathrow, 13 years ago as a Security Officer in the original Terminal 2. While I really enjoyed my time in security, when it came time for the terminal to be demolished (to make way for the new Terminal 2) I decided to move to a different challenge, even despite most of my colleagues moving to security roles in the other terminals.

The new challenge I took up was working in the local community team, within our public affairs department, listening to local residents and responding to the many aircraft noise complaints the airport gets. Our team got moved into an operational department which gave also gave me the opportunity to move into reporting on airline’s performance with track keeping on flight routes and the emissions reducing Continuous Descent Approach procedure. 

When the opportunity came up to get closer to the action on airport via a position in the Airside Environment Team, I took it with both hands. In this role I was looking at how we could reduce the environmental impact of airside operations through things like recycling the auxiliary power units (APU’s – essentially power connections that enable airlines to turn off aircraft engines while on stand).

My next move saw me stay within the same department as a Ramp Assurance Office which eventually led me to my current role.  It’s been quite a journey over the last 13 years! 

It’s always amazed me the sheer amount of diversity of people, roles and jobs at Heathrow. I’ve had work colleagues and reports over the years from all sorts of different backgrounds. In my opinion, it’s this amazing mix of different people that really makes Heathrow a great and welcoming place to work. 

Before I joined Heathrow I worked for the Motor Sports Association (Now called Motorsport UK), authorising rally routes, hill climbs, rallycross and trials, while working in the competitions department.


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