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About the event

Through the Heathrow Business Summits we are working to connect SMEs with each other, with the airport, and, through the airport, to the world.

Hundreds of local businesses operate directly at Heathrow, with thousands more forming a key part of our supply chain.

These businesses have helped build the Heathrow as we know it today – delivering major projects like Terminals 2 and 5, both delivered on time and on budget, and now counted among the world’s best airport terminals – and will prove vital in building the future, expanded airport.

The airport spends nearly £1.4bn annually with over 1,400 suppliers both locally and across the UK and there will be more work on the horizon with expansion.

Construction of the runway will be the UK’s largest privately-funded infrastructure project and small and medium-sized businesses will be critical to delivering the £14bn investment.

Expansion is a chance for businesses of all sizes, from every corner of the country, to access new supply chain and trading opportunities.

Heathrow Business Summit 2018

5 SME guarantees

As part of Heathrow’s ongoing work to use its position as a national asset for the particular benefit of SMEs around the country, the airport has also released 5 SME guarantees:

  1. Develop the successful Heathrow Business Summits across the UK.  These bring together SMEs with Heathrow’s procurement team and the airport’s principal suppliers.

  2. As a signatory to the Prompt Payment Code, ensure suppliers are paid on time and ensure this practice flows down through the airports supply chain into SMEs.

  3. Establish a new Innovation Networking Forum to reach out to SMEs and start-up organisations in the innovation and technology sector.

  4. Offer SMEs access to the millions of international passengers at Heathrow, by brokering deals between stockists and World Duty Free and other retail tenants.

  5. Establish a grants programme offering awards up to £2k for SMEs to spend on travel and trade missions to help SMEs reach new markets.

Expansion Conference

Check more information on the Heathrow Expansion Conference that took place in September 2019.