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Since starting the Graduate Programme in 2019, I have been in two key placements; External Reporting and currently within Strategic Planning and Operations. Across these placements, I have created and managed 2019 Regulatory Accounts that go to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and supported in the automation of Year-End (Y/E) Financial Reports 

More recently, I have replaced a legacy reporting pack with a new purpose-built pack to report on everything related to Operating Expenditure for each month and also worked extensively on Financial Models for full-time employees (e.g., thinking of how Heathrow needs to allocate security officers across terminals over the next several months with the ongoing pandemic). 

I have quickly learned how to work with continuously changing forecasts and numbers, communicate with individuals across the business, build a relation to ensure people provide the information you need on time and work under pressure when there are specific tight deadlines. I have also had the opportunity to use my initiative to improve things that may not be as efficient as they could be.

I chose Heathrow due to its uniqueness as one of the busiest airports globally, and knowing it would give me various opportunities to build an excellent foundation for my career. Heathrow believes in agile working and gives you responsibility very soon after starting – it gives you the chance to step up and output great work whilst still having support readily available should you need it.  

The past 12 months have proven just how vital contingency planning is and how strategic planning is crucial to ensure we can get through the most challenging time in all of aviation history. From Financial Reporting to Strategic Planning and Operating Expenditure, I’ve created an excellent base for myself. I’ve been able to get a great view of the finances of a business whilst also taking in other areas of the company, including the operation, through various projects. It’s made me realise my passion for strategy and project management whilst considering how crucial it is to understand the financials that are at play.  

Daniel Opoku - Finance Analyst

Finance Analyst

Daniel Opoku

Daniel Opoku - Finance Analyst

Finance Analyst