Microsoft global outage - 19 July

Microsoft is currently experiencing a global outage which is impacting select systems at Heathrow. Flights are operational and we are implementing contingency plans to minimise any impact on journeys. Please check with your airline for the latest flight information.

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Helping our passengers

We can all do our bit to build a low carbon future, by travelling more thoughtfully and offsetting the journeys we do make.


Offset your flight

Heathrow is working with the carbon offsetting company CHOOOSE. Balance out the impact of your journey by funding initiatives to remove and reduce carbon emissions around the world.


Offsetting with airlines

Some airlines also allow you to make good on the impact of your journey by purchasing offsets when you fly.


Travelling lightly

There is a lot you can do to protect the planet when you travel. For example, choose greener accommodation, eat and shop locally in the destinations you visit and re-use towels in your hotel rooms.

Heathrow 2.0

Our plan for sustainable growth, Heathrow 2.0, sets out how we will improve life for colleagues and communities, contribute to a thriving economy and help to tackle global challenges such as climate change.