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  • Heathrow’s expansion plans include a new, full length, runway to the north-west of the airport and several new facilities both on and off the airfield.

    We are currently consulting with investors, government, airline customers and regulators on our next steps.  Our proposals, which we had consulted on widely, involved:


    • A new terminal building

      To the west of Terminal 5 and the eventual demolition of Terminal 3 to make way for a series of new satellite terminals

    • Transport

      The creation of new public transport interchange points and the consolidation of parking facilities

    • Surface access capacity

      Additional surface access capacity to the airport, taking advantage of planned future railway upgrades in the area

    • Community

      Significant community compensation schemes and impact mitigation measures

    • Additional flights

      Under these plans, capacity for an additional 260,000 flights per year would be created