ULEZ expansion - 29 August 2023

London's Ultra Low Emission Zone, or ULEZ, is expanding to encompass all of Greater London, including Heathrow Airport, from the 29 August 2023.


The initiative, implemented by Transport for London (TfL), is aimed at reducing air pollution in London, therefore all vehicles entering the airport must meet certain emissions standards in order to avoid paying a daily charge.


The daily charge for non-compliant vehicles is £12.50 for most vehicles, including cars, vans, and motorcycles.


The charge will be in addition to any other fees or charges associated with entering the airport. The charge only applies when a vehicle is driven within the ULEZ zone, and does not apply to stationary vehicles including when cars are parked at Heathrow.


Please note, if you have booked Meet & Greet or Valet Parking with a non-compliant vehicle, and have selected a different exit terminal to your entry terminal, you will be liable for payment of a ULEZ charge to transfer your vehicle to another terminal.

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Heathrow Consultation Documents

We've collated the documents into several collections to help you find the information you need. Click on a collection below to view all relevant documents.

Airport expansion consultation document (last updated 19 June 2019)
Airspace and future operations consultation document (last updated 10 January 2019)

Making better use of our existing runways (last updated 9 January 2019)

Our draft Noise Action Plan (NAP) sets out how we are planning to manage and reduce the impacts of aircraft noise over the next five-year period. This document broadly summarises the contents of the main Draft Noise Action Plan document. 

Consultation Summary - Draft Noise Action Plan 2019-2023 (last updated 16 May 2018)

This document summarises the work we have done so far to identify the options to expand Heathrow and explains how you can take part in this consultation. 

Airport expansion consultation document (last updated 17 January 2018)

This document sets out some of the key design principles that could be used as the basis for developing Heathrow's future airspace design, and asks for your views and preferences relating to them.

Airspace principles consultation document (last updated 17 January 2018)