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Fantastic food fast - The Perfectionists' Cafe

We talked to Julian O’Neill, Head Chef at Heston’s The Perfectionists’ Cafe, about their principles, key offers and what is new this Spring.

"The name of the restaurant originated from a two part series that Heston made with BBC in 2007, called In Search of Perfection which included dishes like Fish & Chips, Burgers, Pizzas and even Ice Cream. These are dishes that are better served fast."

"Our customers are in a hurry and expect something of a ‘Heston factor’ with every dish. However, for The English Breakfast we focussed on superb quality ingredients, great bacon, amazing black pudding, smokey grilled tomato, sausages filled with flavour, naturally reared Burford Brown hens, giving us very golden yolks. Then to finish, the sherry vinegar and smoked butter drop by drop. To lighten things up at breakfast, we have added a new dish Crushed Avocado, always perfectly ripe, topped with a soft poached egg and served with chargrilled tomato."

"Our ‘Extraordinary Fish and Chips’ are just amazing, light, crispy and got the wow factor! Day boat fresh fish is delivered daily at 5am, from Cornwall. Natural starches mixed with the fizz from CO2 with a siphon add a je ne sais quoi. Full flavoured sauce tartare, crisp chips and luscious pea puree just add to the pleasure. Our latest addition is Breaded Whiting fish, which adds an even greater crunch factor."

"Burgers come down to quality, research and working with fantastic suppliers – the best in their fields. Getting the meat balance correct and serving it at the correct temperature. The buns are to our recipe, working with our baker, the garnish and our secret burger sauce is a balance to have the correct umami flavour. Three new burgers, that have added complementary toppings, sauces and sides bring added flavours. The Duck and Hoisin Burger is proving really popular. The other two burgers certainly match for quality – Salt Beef with pickle and Smokey Slow Cooked Pulled Pork. Both the salt beef and pork are slow cooked"

"Pizza was really one of Heston's must have recipes. Ashley Palmer Watts, Executive Chef of The Fat Duck Group and I ventured to Naples for a quick sojourn and reconnaissance mission. Long slow fermentation with a good dose of salt and very low yeast make these pizzas easy to digest. They are never crisp, they are soft and almost a ‘wet’ dough. Again our ingredients are excellent quality and our pizzas are something of which I am very proud. We have extended the pizza offering. All luxurious such as Burrata & Tomato finished with Pecorino Sardo D.O.P. added as a seasoning instead of salt. The Pesto and Culaccia (pronounced Coolaza!) is our own home made pesto and with a mouth wateringly soft cured thinly sliced ham (in the style of Parma – just more luxurious) and roasted cherry tomatoes. Finally a Salsiccia pizza with two different sausages, aromatic and then a spicy one softened with fior de latte and spinach – a beautiful combination that marries so well."

"Our ice cream is nitrogen based. You cannot have a Heston restaurant without Nitrogen entertainment! Six flavours all with a key element – no ice crystals, super smooth and quite frankly full on flavour. It brings back childhood memories, especially the chocolate ice cream. It reminds me of the one I used to eat as a child….just better quality chocolate at The Perfectionists' Cafe. You can have a BFG sundae with fantastic sour cherries and kirsch, or some of the six flavours with added toppings to indulge yourself."

"Cocktails are our unsung heroes but truly demonstrate the thinking, philosophy and care that has gone into everything we do. The cloud pourer cocktails are just the perfect introduction to your experience at The Perfectionists Café. They have flavour, are thoughtfully put together and are synonymous with adding a little something extra, but not just for effect – rather to enhance and ultimately for you to enjoy. The selection is classic, but they all have their twist of quality and attention to detail that deliver that little bit extra. All the way through, the list has a little surprise in every cocktail."

"These are our key offers, but all of our food has many of the same thought processes and all have the same amount of research and attention to getting the best ingredients we could possibly manage at the airport for the travellers headed our way."

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