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Heathrow security, baggage and liquids

You'll pass through Heathrow security control before entering the departure lounge. Here you'll find help and advice about what you can and can't take on the aircraft.

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How to prepare for security

Can I take … ?

Answers to questions we've been asked about UK airport security restrictions.

  • How much liquid medicine is allowed?
  • Is milk for my baby OK?
  • Do you have water fountains?

Security (body) scanners

For the benefit of all passengers' security, passengers may be required to be screened using security (body) scanning equipment.

Further information can be found on our security FAQs page, or by visiting the Department for Transport website.


Please check with your airline before travelling with a hoverboard in your baggage. Some airlines are not accepting them on flights.

Electronic devices

Make sure your electronic devices are charged. If they don't switch on, you may not be allowed to take them on to the aircraft.

Charging points are available throughout the airport and a free charging service is provided in Dixons Travel stores.

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