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Media download kiosk

EntertainMe in Terminal 5, Heathrow

What is the service?

Heathrow will be trialling a new media download service called EntertainMe in Terminal 5 Heathrow in May 2016. The service will run on two kiosks located at gates A6 and 7 at T5A departures.

The service is targeted at short haul passengers who will not have access to on board entertainment. The EntertainMe service allows download of digital content before a flight.

Content includes latest Warner Bros films, magazines and newspapers. Films are rentals and have minimum validity. Magazines and newspapers are available until the user deletes them. Content covers English and a number of other languages.

Downloads will be high speed with content being available in minutes.

The trial will only available on iPads and iPhones and contactless payment.

How a passenger uses EntertainMe

  • The kiosk itself has a screen saver and walk through process on how to use the service
  • The passenger
    • Stands in the vicinity of the EntertainMe kiosk
    • Connects to EntertainMe Wi-Fi
    • Downloads the EntertainMe app to your iPhone or iPad
    • On their app they will then
      • Browse the content catalogue
      • Select and add content to basket
      • Confirm basket and confirm order
    • On order confirmation they will receive a confirmation code
    • Passenger returns to the kiosk to pay for their content
    • They will need their boarding pass and contactless card to make payment
    • Once they have paid, their device will confirm payment and content will download automatically. They must be in close vicinity of the media kiosk

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