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Baggage Check-in and CUSS Governance Group

Chair: Karon Taylor (HAL - Income Recovery Manager)

Secretary: Shehani Chandrasekeran (HAL ORC Stakeholder Coordinator)


  • Paul Goodchild (HAL - Western Campus)
  • Rose Gray (HAL - Eastern Campus)
  • Darren Colderwood (HAL - Capital Projects)
  • Ed Pettinger (BA)
  • James Couch (BA)
  • Tim Parker (AOC - Baggage)
  • Edwina Silo (AOC - CUSS and Check-in)
  • Simon Begbey (AOC)
  • Michaela Walker (Qatar Airways)
  • Tony Buss (BA)
  • Dawn Seward (AC)
  • Simon Eastburn (HAL Head of Other Regulated Income)
  • Colin Fox (HAL Income Recovery Manager)
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